Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Luckiest Freshmen

My husband got a teaching position yesterday as a ninth grade algebra teacher. My heart is just bursting for him right now; he is going to be an awesome educator.

Right now I don't know if he shares the level of excitement that I have and that's okay. Just two years ago, I was in his shoes. I got a job (happy dance), now what? I know that's what he's feeling, the "now what" that goes with the territory.

But who I'm really excited for are the freshmen that he'll be teaching. I was talking to my mother and father-in-law last night and they said it best: "I wish I could be one of his students." I couldn't agree more! He has patience to no end, he levels with people and he is so good at math. Those three things are going to really going to help him in this profession.

I promise my next post will be diet updates. I just had to share our good news.

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