Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Chronicles of Professional Development in a Dieter's World

My first day back to work was last Thursday. I walk in and it's like a reunion. You'd think us teachers hadn't seen each other in years, the way we hugged. I hugged a first grade teacher that I'd barely talked to last year because it seemed like the right thing to do. Really, hugs make me feel pretty good, so that wasn't the bad part.

I came in, ready to learn something about our year and after I greeted everyone, I looked at the other end of the cafeteria. Donuts. Tacos. Orange juice. Pan dulce. Oh. No. Luckily, I had already eaten a pretty large breakfast, so I ignored all that stuff. Things were great until our first break, an hour and a half in. I had started to get a little stressed, the honeymoon period of seeing everyone having worn off. Oh, you mean in a week we ARE going to have kids in our rooms? Let's talk about this on our way to the donut table. Well, I did walk down there, thinking I would just scope out the scene. I got lucky in one area. I mentioned that bean and cheese tacos are my weakness. I didn't know how I was going to avoid those things. My principal and I must have ESP because she didn't even buy that kind, and I really don't like any other kind of breakfast taco. Unless it's made by me. I'm weird about eating eggs at restaurants and stuff. You know they don't pay attention to the expiration date.

Then I looked at the donuts. In all their deliciousness. Man, those things looked ooey gooey. But, I had to tell myself: those things are processed beyond belief. Once in your body, it will turn right into sugar which will get into your blood stream and spike your blood sugar, causing a rush and then a crash. Look at all the bread to it. That's not whole grain. Those are the bad carbs you've been reading about. Reason prevailed. I went back to my table, filled my water bottle and ate the whole grain granola bar I had in my purse.

Day one was a success...what about day two? Stay tuned.

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