Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That solves that!

When I was in college, I loved to run races. I never did it competitively, but I always enjoyed training and the races and the camaraderie that goes with training with a friend. I miss those races as they always gave me a reason to get up; I'd tell myself I have already paid for the race, and did I really want to get sick on the course because I was out of shape? So, SATX is having it's inaugural marathon and half marathon this November, right when the weather gets cool. MGK and I are going to run the half marathon! We'll start our training this weekend. I'm really excited because we've never run a race together before but he's a really good runner and I know he'll do great! I've always only run 10k's, which are approximately 6.1 miles, so a half marathon is over double that, but I know we can do it. I'm really excited to do this. I'll let you know how the training goes! Wish my husbandly and I luck.

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