Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ready for the School Year!

I am so ready for school to start for many reasons. For one thing, third times's the charm and I've worked out all the kinks and I've solidified my teaching philosophy. So there's that.
Then, there's the routine. As I said before, I love a good routine. I love getting up at the same time, doing things in the same order everyday and going to bed at the same time. Now, the things I do within these days will be different, as no two school days look the same, but I love the consistency of my days.
That being said, while I love the summer because it's when I get married and restore my sanity, I get tired of it too. I get off my routine, I sleep too late and stay up too late. When that goes out the window, I'll admit; I have a hard time getting motivated. I've been staying on my diet and it's been going well, but where I start to slack is my exercise routine. Normally, I would exercise right after work but since my work's not in season right now, I have the whole day to exercise. I should just get it over with but I keep creating excuses not to. Yikes.
I love working, I love contributing to my household and making a difference in my students' lives. On a personal level, the routine suits me and for this, I'll be looking forward to the first day of school, the beginning of the 2008-09 school year.
Hmm, maybe I'll go get on the treadmill?

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