Monday, July 2, 2012

Things My Two Year Old Says

Toph is at an age where he is talking up a storm and his dialect?  Definitely that of a two year old.  I listen to him speak and just want him to speak that way forever.  I can understand him perfectly, but after spending lots of time with new people on our vacation last week, I realized that not everyone is privy to this two year old dialect.

Here is a glossary for you:

my: I
ex.  My play, mama. (I want to play, mama.)

Memmy:  Merry
ex.  Memmy pooped, Mama. (Merry pooped, Mama.) <-------Coincidentally, I know a lot about the cat's bowel movements thanks to Toph.

hungy:  hungry.
ex.  My hungy, Mama.  (I'm hungry, Mama.)

froggies:  kittens
ex.  Let's go check the froggies! (Let's go check the kittens!) <------When our cat first had the kittens, he assured me those were not baby cats but baby frogs.

ex.  My watch PB, Mama. (I want to watch TV, Mama.)

happitter:  helicopter
ex.  My see happitter, mama! (I see a helicopter, Mama!)

motodoodoo:  motorcycle
ex.  My hear motodoodoo! (I hear a motorcycle!)

big mosher:  big monster
ex.  BIG MOSHER!! (Big monster!) <-------Usually said in reference to the whale in Finding Nemo.

oushide:  outside
ex. My play oushide. (I want to play outside.)

peese:  please
ex. My go oushide peese. (I want to go outside very badly and know you like for me to use the word please.)

tacopeesa:  taco pizza
ex. My eat tacopeesa shuppertime. (I would like taco pizza for supper.) <--------The child's favorite foods are tacos and pizza.

shuppertime:  supper
(See above.)  <-------The cutest thing is that every time he hears the oven timer he yells, "Shuppertime!"

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Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

I suddenly had a happy/sad moment as I remembered vividly how P. used to say "Mama, hold you!" when she wanted to be held or picked up. I love how eloquent she is but I miss that stuff a little bit.

Ducky said...

Motodoodoo and hAppitter have to be my favorite. I love this age!

Ginger Walls said...

I love the language of a two year old. It is so fun to watch them learn new words and put those words into sentences.