Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Topherboy!

Dear Toph,

Two years ago, I was holding a brand new baby boy.  Today, I watched as you and your daddy played pretend Lego salesmen.  You acted your part and offered to sell me some brand new Legos.

Two years ago, I held a tiny squalling baby on the couch.  Today, I held a still two year old who just wanted "to get comfy," as you say when you want to cuddle.

Two years ago, I breastfed a little bitty baby.  Today, I watched as my two year old shoved pizza and blueberries in his mouth and washed it down with milk (from a cow).

Two years ago, I woke up all hours of the night to quiet a crying newborn.  Tonight, I will kiss you on the cheek and won't hear from you again until 6am.

Two years ago, I would read to a placid newborn, just wanting to hear his mama's voice.  Today, I read to a two year old who has many of his books memorized

Two years ago, I would sing to placate you.  Today, you sang your ABCs to me and I thought the clouds were parting.
Two years ago, I would shake a rattle in my newborn's face.  Today, I watched as you slam dunked a basketball.

Two years and a day ago, I thought I knew what miracles were but I wasn't sure if any real ones had occurred for me.  Today, I am living my miracle.  You are it.

You will never know the difference you have made in my world, my son.  These past two years have been so very precious.  You are my treasure.

Happy birthday, my son.  I love you without end.

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Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

What's up with that big old paper on the fence? Is that for painting? What's the deal???

Oh, and happy birthday, guy!

Eve said...

We have so much in common, except my little dude doesn't talk nearly as much as yours does.

Happy birthday, Topher!

ginger @ literally inspired said...

Happy Birthday Topher!!!! What a sweet post!


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Topher! This is such a lovely post - He sounds like such a sweet sweet boy.