Friday, February 24, 2012

The Post in Which I Dork Out on Everyone

Sometimes, I come across pins on Pinterest that are so eerily me that I absolutely have to repin them.  Here are a few of those gems to share with you today:

This one is funny because my sister and I have had brilliant conversations about fictional characters.  Honestly, one of my feet is always in another fictional realm, so this pin makes perfect sense to me.  Thanks Mollye for always talking to me about the important things, like whether or not we too would have shot Cato in the head.

I LOVE reading work with British authors and with British characters.  I'll read aloud to myself from time to time in a British accent.  My students happen to love my British accent.

Source: via Ginny on Pinterest

Once again, because one of my feet is always in one of these places.  However, I would NEVER leave the Shire and am still waiting on my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Source: via Ginny on Pinterest

This is true.  In my heart of hearts, I know I would've been one of the ones that stepped off the platform too early and been blown to smithereens.  The bad thing is, I feel like Hunger Games isn't completely impossible.

Yep.  I tried Zumba with my son and he did much better than me.  I honestly didn't even feel like the girl on the left.  I felt every bit like a crazy person dancing in a sanitorium.

This was me back last April.  Two thousand, five hundred, fifteen pins later I'm still going strong.

What pin describes you?  Comment me the link; I want to see it!

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Sweaty said...

Hahahaha... I had fun reading the stuff you've pinned, Gin! I could totally relate to the Zumba thing. Heck, I think in my case, it probably applies to any kind of dancing I've done!

Speaking of Hunger Games, errr... that's a good way of motivating oneself to exercise. Come to think of it, sheeeeeeit, most likely I'd be the one who'd die accidentally getting shot by the others during practice.

Adrienne said...

BAHAHAHAAA! All of these are so funny! Pinterest is so addicting. I also would have kicked the bucket quick in the games. Can't wait for the movie!

From Tracie said...

That first one is SO me.

Love the t-shirt, but like you, I would never leave the Shire.

These two are definitely me:

Mollye said...

Ah, some of the best conversations are about fictional characters. Sis, you can always count on me for conversations about anything from Hogwarts to Hunger Games to Middle Earth to The Stand to War World Z. But if you ever talk about Twilight, I dont know you anymore! ;)