Thursday, November 17, 2011

Casa de Kelsey: We Love Here

Thanksgiving is a week away and I just want to reflect here on just how grateful I am.  How blessed I thankful I am.

Today: my home.

When I say my home, I just don't mean the mortar and bricks, but the feeling that is in this home.  The love's palpable.  It glides through the air.

We love here.  We giggle here.  We sigh here.  We rest here.  We wish upon stars here.

The thing is, I am thankful for my house because it keeps rain of our heads and it's nice because it stores all our stuff.  I am thankful that we can provide this as a shelter for our son.  We're comfortable here.

But my home?  My home is with these two boys; no matter where my house is...if I am with them, I am home.

I am thankful, the kind of thankful that makes me hit my knees...for my home.  Not everyone has what I have...not everyone has a home.

I am so thankful for my home.

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