Thursday, October 13, 2011

Calming the Nerves

I lay in bed tossing and turning, thinking of all the things I am leaving undone at the end of this day.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I am unplanned for the following week.
Papers are sitting in my inbox, ungraded.
Toys are strewn about the office floor, waiting for little hands to pick them up tomorrow and toss them about.
Blogs repeatedly go unwritten.
A to-do list at work a mile long.
Online Spanish class work piling up.
Still haven't seen doctor about weird bump under arm.

It goes on.  I just don't seem to have enough time in the day to get the things done that need done.  My to do list is never complete, and I collapse into bed every night, craving rest.

However, rest does not come.  I toss and turn and fret and think.  I go through the day trying to find a way to fit sixty one minutes into an hour.

Then, I receive a text from my husband that causes a wave of relief to wash over me.

The text reads: yep.

Three little letters and I feel better.  You see, upon getting into bed and in between anxiety about deeds left undone, I realized I had forgotten to bring my water with me upstairs to bed.  Not wanting to go back downstairs and find more that needs to be accomplished, I texted my husband.  I asked him to bring me water when he comes to bed.

It took him 20 minutes, enough time to work myself up into an anxious state and enough time for the sheets to become a snarled mess of fabric, but he texted back.


And he will.  When he trudges up here to bed after muddling through his own long to do list, he'll have our water with him.  I can depend on him; I know he will take care of me.

I realize that this is why I feel relieved.  Yes, I have a lot of work and am behind on it.  Yes, it is stressful.  But, I've got my people and boy, do they love me.  And boy, do I love them.

If that's not enough to calm the nerves and invite sleep, I don't know what is.

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