Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Trifecta: A Winner, A Guest and A Recipe {Pull Apart Pizza}

We have lots to do tonight folks, are you ready?

M'kay. First up: the winner of the Inspired Lace and Pearl Necklace giveaway.  Let's see who the gods deemed worthy...

Congrats Linh!  Email me at virginiajeanne{at}gmail{dot}com with your mailing address so I can mail you your necklace. 

Second up:  Did y'all know Veronica from City Life to Ranching Wife invited me over yesterday?  Yes, that's right; I did a little guest post over there.  So, if you want to learn new things about me (I know my way around a ranch), stop by and read.  You'll love Veronica, so you may even want to follow her and her adventures on the ranch!

Last on our agenda:  A quick, fun easy pizza recipe for you.  I promise y'all that our diet deviates from pizza from time to time, but it is by far our favorite food to eat around here.  Remember my hubs awesome fajita pizza?  He made that one up but this one comes from a Pampered Chef mini-cookbook and we adapted a little to suit our taste.

Pull Apart Pizza
2 cans of French bread dough
1 cup shredded cheese
Pizza toppings of your choice (we used a pound of sweet turkey Italian sausage)
Pizza sauce

1.  Start with your two rolls of unbaked French bread.  Cut them in half by length.  Then,cut them into pieces about an inch wide.  They should be in the shape of a half moon.

2.  Lay your dough pieces in a circular formation very close together.  I let my edges touch and it was all good.

3.  Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. While the dough is baking, make your sauce and gather your toppings.  I went simply with mine.  I browned sweet {turkey} Italian sausage with some red pepper and onion.  After it was mostly browned, I simmered it in about 2.5 cups of pizza sauce (Ragu, don't judge.  One day I'll make my own.  Seriously, the sky is the limit here though as far as toppings go.

4.  Grate your cheese.  We love cheese round these parts.

I'm not sure why a huge butcher knife made it in the shot...
5.  Top your pizza with your fixins and your cheese.  It only needs to bake about 5-6 more minutes of bake time for the cheese to be nice and bubbly.

Notice how I don't have a shot of the finished product?  That's because we dug in as soon as that baby came out of the oven.

The best part about this pizza?  You get to pull it apart piece by piece to eat it.  Serve it for dinner, serve it as an appetizer for at parties.  Click here for the real recipe.  Mine was heavily adapted but still so very good.

There you have it; my trifecta of a blog post.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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