Saturday, June 25, 2011

The One Perfect Thing

Have you ever reflected on things in your life and thought, "that could have been better." Or, how about "I could have done that better?"

These thoughts I have on a daily basis, on daily tasks ranging from dinner, cleaning, crafting and phone conversations. I'm always critiquing myself, making mental notes on how to be better.

You want to know the one thing in my entire life that I have looked at and have never, ever, not even for a fraction of a millisecond have critiqued? The one thing that I have thought was perfect and could not get any better from day one?

Toph is honest to goodness the best thing I've ever done. And if you really want to go deep here, he's the only thing I've done that's not a thing. He and Matt are the two things people in my life that I look at and think,

Perfect. I can't believe he's mine.

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Peace Love & Poop said...

Your son is adorable!!

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Eve said...

So sweet, I feel the same about my guys. He's so dang cute! Toph and Handsome are gonna drive the ladies wild...Ha, they already do!

Stephanie in Suburbia said...


Dumb Mom said...

I feel ya. I know I didn't mess The Dudes up & if I can just keep that going for the next 18 years or so they'll turn out great!

meandmom said...

I definitely agree. Having my children was the best thing I have ever done, and I so love spending time with them. In fact, I started blogging to combine two things I love: writing and spending time with my kids. Visit my older daughter and I at our blog, Says Me Says Mom ( where we talk about anything and everything. I also have a blog for my younger daughter, Stories for Dora (

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Nicole said...

Awww, he's such a cutie!!!