Thursday, May 19, 2011

Upcycled Margarita Glass Centerpiece

I guest blogged on Mrs. Kari's blog awhile back about how to upcycle some margarita glasses.  If you missed it, here's what I did (so easy; I know you can do it too!)

What you see are green plastic margarita glasses. These are not "us" for a number of reasons: one, this shade of green isn't great. Two, we don't drink margaritas {at home}. However, I have held onto these for almost three years now. We found them in the top of our most unused cabinet languishing and full of dust. The husband pulled them down a couple of weeks ago and tried to toss them in our garage sale pile. To his dismay, I reacted overly offended and told him I would "upcycle" them and give them new life. He was appalled that I used the word "upcycle." But upcycle I did {into a gorgeous center piece} and I want to show you how you can too!

First, you arrange your glasses according to how you'd like to arrange your glasses. I decided on a three glass base with one on top.

Now, gather your materials.
What you see here is spray paint (I chose red), coffee beans (I'll explain) and the glasses. What you don't see are tea candles and a hot glue gun (more on that later). For now, you need to spray paint your glasses.

I had never spray painted before and learned a few lessons, so bear with me. First of all, even though you're pointing the nozzle down, if the hole is pointing up, you will get sprayed in the face. Second of all, put newspaper down on the driveway before you spray. My driveway now looks like a crime scene. Lastly, when spray painting an item with a lot of curves, I found it's best to turn them upside down. The paint pooled at the base of the glass, again giving the effect of a crime scene.

I sprayed about two coats on these glasses and let them dry.

Next, I brought them inside and hot glued the edges that would touch together.

Next is the fun part. Remember those coffee beans? They're French Vanilla and smelled divine. I took those and poured them equally into each redone glass. I added tea candles in each one and nestled cream colored flowers around the middle of the center piece.

I cleared our perpetually messy table just for y'all, so you could see this beauty by herself.

That's it; pretty awesome right?  What sorts of unused goods lying around your house can you upcycle?
I think upcycle is my new favorite word...

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