Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm just gin.
gin loves her little boy so fiercely.
gin is crazy about her husband.
gin can throw down when it comes to food.
gin sees injustices in the educational system and wants to change them.
gin has blue eyes.
gin loves to smile.
gin would decorate her whole house just by making frequent trips to the craft store.
gin gets annoyed by facebook.
gin loves her blog; her own little corner of the internets.
gin likes to play pretend with her boy.
gin prefers her husband to drive.
gin is overly stimulated from all the ideas rolling around in her head.
gin will cry really hard when Michael Scott leaves The Office for good.
gin wants another baby on some days.
gin does not want another baby on other days.
gin realizes that that decision can be put off for awhile.
gin loves to shoot hoops with her husband.
gin loves to kiss her husband too.
gin loves to put a basketball in her son's hands and watch him dribble.
gin loves to read.
gin loves to write.
gin loves her fellow bloggers.
gin even loves anonymous commenters.
gin's husband is really, really good at words with friends.
gin's husband's WWF ID is tgkmom if you want to play.
gin is telling you right  now that you'll lose if you challenge him.
gin can cook about anything you want except fish.
gin loves the french kisses her baby gives her.
gin always has room for dessert.
gin will DVR the royal wedding.
gin would love to watch the royal wedding while eating chocolate cake in the pan and not bother with the plate.
I'm just gin.

Who are you?

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A Rancher's Wife said...

this is fun! Maybe you and I should have a food throwdown! ;)I wish I cared more about the Royal Wedding - am I wierd because I don't?

Anonymous said...

OMG! You crack me up girl! i think i need to read this again!

totally enjoyed that!

hope you're having a good week!