Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My {first} Top Ten: FOOD ((and a drink or two))

I've been seeing these top ten lists floating around and after much consideration, I knew the perfect first top ten for me.
Oh, how I love food.  
Let's not forget drinks too; because I've included some in this list too!

I'm putting them in numerical order but really, all of them have an equally special place in my heart.

Roasted asparagus.  Have you ever roasted asparagus?  You absolutely must.
Just buy your asparagus (we buy organic, I saw a show about pesticides that forever changed me).
Cut off the bottom parts of your asparagus
(I don't know the technical term for them, but I always cut the bottom two inches).
  Wash 'em real good.
Put them in a cookie sheet with edges
(that is important, says the girl who has perpetual smoke coming from her oven)
and drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil.
Bake them in a 400 degree oven for about 15 minutes
(but watch them, I'm basing this on my oven which is a weirdo).
So good.  I love to eat roasted asparagus with my fingers, while Toph is eating his dinner. 

Fiber One Caramel Delight Cereal
Fiber One Caramel Delight Cereal, 15.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)
Want to know something about me? I used to hate milk so much I would eat my cereal with water.
I don't do that anymore and it would be a crime to do that to this cereal.  It's like candy but with your fiber intake.

Frozen grapes
I like to eat these while I'm blogging.  I'll get them out of the freezer and suck on each one while I am thinking of something important and mind blowing to say.  
Frozen grapes are so much more fun to eat than regular old grapes.

Grapefruit and Grapefruit Juice
Lakewood Organic PURE Pink Grapefruit Juice, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6)
I love fresh grapefruit and its juice counterpart.  I love the slightly bitter taste.  I love them so much that I highly prefer them over oranges and orange juice.  
One caveat I must drink grapefruit juice with a straw.

Wild Rice
RiceSelect Royal Blend, Whole Grain Texmati Brown & Wild Rice with Soft Wheat & Rye Berries, 32-Ounce Jars (Pack of 4)
I admit: I don't like just plain white or brown rice.  I understand their purpose but I don't like them.  
I like my rice to be a stand alone dish, which is why I love wild rice.  It goes great with sauteed chicken but also holds its own when I'm eating it cold out of the fridge for breakfast because I'm running late.

Vanilla Icecream topped with FiberOne Caramel Delight and chocolate sauce
I love icecream so much I decided to make it healthy.  I add the above cereal and voila.  I'm getting my fiber intake for the day and feeding my emotional need for icecream after a hectic day at work.  
I've been eating a lot of icecream these days.

Any pureed veggie added to any dish.
A few years ago I jumped on the Jessica Seinfeld bandwagon of hiding pureed veggies in foods.
Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food
Since then, I've tweaked and modified her recipes as my own and I still love to add hidden veggies to foods, especially since my husband doesn't really volunteer to eat any vegetable that's not a potato.
I also love fixing food for Toph this way; a couple of nights ago he had his first ever cauliflower grilled cheese sandwich and ate it like a champ.
Chick Fil-A Chicken Club, no tomato WITH fries and a side of ranch (thankyouverymuch)
 Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People
These days, weeks at work are LOOONG.  So, on Fridays, when my colleagues pass the "Who wants Chick Fil-A?" note around the grade level, I am sure to include the above order.  Imagine how Homer Simpson eats...and that's how I consume this meal.

Cranberry limeade from Sonic
Here's the trick about this drink:  they can't put too much cranberry in or it will be too sweet.  The location at my house knows just how to do it.  And I thank them for it by going there WAY too much.

Dunkin Donuts Ground Coffee - 40 Oz 
My name is gin and I'm addicted to coffee.  I drink it with about a tablespoon of creamer and I drink a lot of it.  Sometimes I don't even leave that much for my husband, which he does not appreciate.
Coffee is that good friend that if you don't see everyday, you get grumpy.  
Coffee is a miraculous thing and you don't want to know me on the very, very rare day that I don't have it.

What foods would be in your top ten?  


Kari said...

Mmmm asparagus it's one of my favorites. The next time you cook them in the microwave try putting paramsean cheese on them with the olive oil. It makes them even better! But be sure to watch them so the cheese doesn't burn.

Cecilia said...

Love roasted asparagus, but I add a little salt/pepper. Love Chick-fil-a, so do the kids (the play area more than the food), I don't do the club because of the bacon, but I love (dream about) the spicy chicken deluxe.
I have been hearing about hiding pureed veggies in food and really need to try it.

Lauren said...

Good list. I'm stealing this idea (and giving you credit) and posting on my blog.