Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Let's start with the awesome, shall we?

--This dress:
Bought it on Alloy last week for the express purpose of wearing it at Toph's party.

--Being on the news. At first I was so nervous about it but seeing my kids at school and having them all tell me how awesome it was to see me, well, it was worth it.

--Spring Break! Eyes up here, Michael. (If you can name the show from which this quote comes, you're awesome.)

--Walking babies.  I love being greeted by a baby who's walked to me.  Video to come!

--Sifting through pics and finding this gem:
This is one awesome kid, folks.  

--Merry the kitten loves me the best.  

Now for the awkward:

--My eyebrows have not been threaded in a long time:
The lovely lady above used to get those babies threaded every four weeks.  She now has bags under her eyes that look like that and eyebrows that rival this guy:

--Having an uncomfortable confrontation with a coworker...first thing Monday morning.

--Accidentally pinching Toph's finger in the toilet seat (while I was sitting on it...sorry baby!)because I can't get a minute alone to do my thing...

--Watching Merry the kitten play one cat clean-up crew after Toph eats and not doing a thing about fact this thought crossed my mind..."one less thing for me to do..."

--Drinking 8 cups of coffee before leaving for work yesterday.

And now, this one belongs in the awkward AND awesome column:

--Bold as brass wearing my favorite electric blue sandals sans pedicure.  Today marked the first day of wearing open toed shoes since November and I wasn't letting a little thing like an overdue pedicure get in my way.

*Yes, my big toe is that large.  I didn't edit it.

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Jess and Matt said...

You're so funn, and AWESOME. I totally love this idea of awkward/awesome. I loved that blog too, btw. Also, if I were to do this, I am pretty sure my awkward moments might way outnumber the awesome ones. Is that allowed?