Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Agenda

Busy is a word I'd use for our upcoming weekend.

We are:
  • childproofing the house (turns out when Toph really wants to get somewhere, he can do a combination of dragging himself/rolling there)
  • buying him a big boy high chair.  No more Bumbo for him!
  • getting our car's windows tinted and getting some extra accessories that came with it.
  • looking at outfits for our upcoming 6-month family portraits.  I'm leaning toward contrasting colors since these will be outside shots, but we'll see. My husband does have an opinion on this and it must be heard.
  • possibly going to Flo-ville for a long overdue visit with my mom.  She still hasn't even baked me a birfday cake!
  • two really long morning walks for me and the boy.  Daddy likes to sleep in, so me and the boy get out before 8am and get some leg work in.
  • a little mani-pedi action for me, complete with a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte with soy.  Ooooh, it's like a holiday when they bring that drink back.  Couple it with a sweet little lady rubbing on your feet and hands and it's heaven.
  • yardwork...Hermine came through and tore our fence up, so we need to get that cleaned up, plus pick up the little debris that all the wind blew through our yard.  
  • and probably the most important (and I was going to post a separate blog about this, maybe I still will)...naptime with my baby! I've never been a napper, but when I lay down on my bed with my little guy and let him nestle up against me, we both sleep better than Tiger Woods on Ambien.  
So yeah, the next 48 hours are gonna be good.  Maybe I'll even post more early morning blogs, who knows?

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