Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tightening Up

Thanks to the awesomeness of nursing my son, I have lost all my prego weight plus five extra pounds.

(pauses to do happy dance)

However, during the course of the pregnancy, my wonderful husband also gained some pregnancy weight, as every good, supportive man should do.  We had a memorable night at the movies where we ate a full meal and shared a milk shake. A really big, chocolate one.  Ah, yes, we had fun with eating during those pregnancy months.

I have the luxury of nursing Toph while Matt does not, so my prego weight is gone and his is still there.  Also, while my baby weight is gone, my body is not exactly the same.  New and improved? Sure, I'm a mom now, my body has lived through and been part of the miracle of life, so yeah, it didn't come out on the other side of that to be exactly the same.  I wouldn't want it to be.  I have stretch marks.  My hips have widened.  My ribs are still displaced.  My upper abs are extremely flat (think no definition) and my lower abs pooch out in a way that says, "I carried life in there."  I have no waist to speak of and must camouflage with belts and fitted tops.

I'm not saying this to complain; quite the contrary.  My body did me proud; now I need to do it proud.  Thus, the tightening up.  Hubs wants to lose his prego weight (which in all honesty will be gone in two weeks when he puts his mind to it...boys have it so easy!) and I want to tone up a bit.

Soooo, we're starting P90X.

This is going to be a fly by night kind of thing; we'll move the ottoman and scoot the loveseat back every night and get busy in the living room after the baby goes to bed.  I honestly don't know if we'll do it every. single. night...but we'll give it the college try.

Wish us luck!

I must say thank you to the great Kris Brannan for generously burning lending us his copy of P90X...without him we would still be using that time to sit on the couch.


Jess and Matt said...

I have heard amazing things about
P90X. GOOD LUCK! Congrats on losing the weight; that's awesome! That cool shade things Becks is in is some fisher price thing. It's great, but it's my friends and I have no idea where she got it. The backpack is the bee's knees. Seriously, it's probably in my top 3 favorite/most used baby things. It's so comfortable and both boys have LOVED it. It's a Kelty (Pathfinder, I think). It's a little pricey but worth every single penny. Honestly, I use it all the time and carried Kaden in it until he was three! AWESOME. Go buy one, TODAY ;)

GodLoveandBows said...

Super adorable pictures! How precious.