Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rough Couple of Days

On his six month birthday, Toph got sick! We're talking constant crying, fever, runny nose, heavy congestion, and him giving us the stink eye every time we brushed against his ears.  Yikes.  You know what that means.

Sunday night was the worst! He wouldn't sleep unless he was sleeping on one of us, and even then the sleep was fitful, with him moaning, waking up frequently.  The kicker was when he refused to eat.  Um, the one thing I care about the most and spend a lot of time thinking about is what he eats, when he eats and how much he eats.  So, the fact that he was not eating did not sit well with me.  We went to the doctor and sure enough, double ear infection.  He refused Pedialyte, which was rude of him considering I went and bought him a special sippy cup just for him.  He didn't refuse a bottle, which hurt my feelings, but the doctor said it was because it was too much work for him to nurse and that it hurt his ears too much.  Poor baby. I guess bottles are less work.  After a whole day of sleeping and crying, he finally showed signs of his old self at about 6pm last night.  Right now, he's sleeping it out:

No, I don't put him in his crib like that. That's all him, the little wiggle worm.

Oh yes, they gave me antibiotics that I must administer twice a day. May I just say that giving a 6 month old gross antibiotics is one of the most unsavory jobs I have ever had. He gets mad, I get sad, and we have nine more days of it.

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