Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Decorating Ideas?

As I type, I am sitting in our office/computer room. In the near future, this will also turn into an office/computer/playroom. I need to redecorate this room; it needs to be more organized, more functional, warmer and give a better first impression. It's the first room you see when you walk in our house, unless you look to your left and see our still vacant dining room...let's not go there right now, okay?  Right now, it's our "brokedown" college room. Meaning, most of the furniture in here is from our college days, which has moved so much it is brokedown. However, there is one exception:

Imagine it with the matching ottoman, we also have that.  This chair will be the centerpiece of the room.  There is also a span of windows complete with a windowseat that span the front wall of this room.  I don't have a great picture of it, but here the boys are on it:

Aw.  Anyway, there are two entrances to this room; one of them consists of two French doors, which open to our family room (TV room).
I realize I ought to have more pictures, but I don't and it's borderline late and I just need some decorating advice.  We're talking window treatments, we're talking turning that window seat into a comfy place to sit.  We're talking giving me ideas for a cheap but sturdy and cute desk with plenty of room to organize.  We're talking a nice bookshelf that's tall so that the lower shelves can be dedicated to kid books and maybe house some baskets for toys. We're talking an organization system that will house important documents.  We're talking a way to organize toys.  We're talking a cute paint color that goes with the chair but doesn't turn the place into an overwhelming place to be.  I'll try to post more pics soon, but in the meantime, put your thinking caps on.  We've got a project to do.


Tara said...

What about tan or brown walls? And check out World Market for good cheap furniture. We got a book case and a little table that we use as a desk from there.

Nicole said...

Check out the blog, younghouselove. It is an awesome resource, and they recently took on a similar project.