Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This. Too. Shall. Pass.

It's 5:30am right now and while I don't have too much time, I wanted to take a minute to talk about my darling, very, very ill, husband.
I have known this man for 10 years.  In these 10 years, he has gotten the occasional seasonal cold and he has battled allergies.  I have never known him to have stomach problems and these colds are nothing that some Tylenol cold and flu can't knock out.
Imagine his surprise when he started getting sick on Sunday only to find that the Tylenol cold and flu was not working.  Didn't do a thing to assuage his sore throat, raspy cough and painful ears.  Things got worse Monday, the first day of school and he came home with NO VOICE.  By Monday night he was immobile on the couch, with a throat the hurt so bad he couldn't even muster up a cough.  The kind of sore throat where it's painful to take a drink of anything, be it cold or hot.  He also was complaining of ear pain.  We called White Glove (more on them later!) and set up a time for him to be seen yesterday.  Since he really is never sick, I underestimated the severity of his illness and went about business as usual yesterday morning and left for work, assuming he could drive the baby to daycare.

Y'all, he was too sick to drive.

Anyway, he was indeed diagnosed with a double ear infection, strep throat and sinusitis.  All of that, plus he had to take care of a baby (the whole time wearing a mask and gloves).  I felt terrible because I should've just taken him to daycare, but again, my experience with a sick husband is limited.

So, pray for my one and only.  He is not showing any signs of getting better, but today is his second day of antibiotics.  I'll be taking the kid to daycare, more so for Matt than for him.  I am feeling much better, just a little self conscious because I can't wear eyemakeup or contacts for a week.

Just trying to go with the flow here, but let me tell you, it's DIFFICULT.

I did start work and I have a wonderful class.  As a whole they work well together, are polite and very sweet. I have a really big class so it will probably be split up with another teacher and I'm honestly a little sad about it; I want all of them. Just goes to show that no matter what, God looks upon me with favor.


Tara said...

Well on the bright side....most people wait until the dead of winter to get their really bad sickness for the year but all three of you just went ahead and knocked it out early so you should all be good to go for the rest of the year! Hope you all feel 100% SOON!!!

Whitney B. said...

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