Monday, April 19, 2010

One Month!

This baby is one month old today! He is so lovely and precious and I can't believe he's mine. It's a little scary how fast it's gone by; if it's any indication of how the rest of the months and years are going to go by, I'm in trouble! Toph is already growing out of his newborn clothes and it makes me a little sad. I love folding his little tiny clothes and seeing his tiny socks and shoes lying around the house. He completes our family; he's the physical embodiment of two people who love each other so incredibly much. He's such a joy to have in our lives. We are so blessed.

He knows my voice; he turns his little head when he hears my voice. He will lay his little head on my shoulder after he nurses and sigh and then drift to sleep and it melts my heart.

I love my precious fellow!


aron said...

adorable <3

Tina said...

This is beautiful. I love reading your blog and following the growth of your baby. I have an 8 month old girl. Seems like just yesterday she was turning a month old. You are exactly right, the days and months fly by. Soak up every second. :)

Anonymous said...

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