Saturday, April 24, 2010

Newborn Pictures

Last week hubs and I ventured out with our precious fellow to have newborn and family pics made. We got all dolled up in coordinating outfits and away we went. Toph was an angel in the car; he slept the whole way there and when we arrived he looked around quietly until it was our turn.

That's when things went south.

Our appointment was at 2:00, an hour before he was supposed to eat again. I knew this would be plenty of time to take our pictures before he nursed, so I wasn't concerned. But lo and behold, we had to wait 35 minutes past our appointment for someone to see us. When we were called, Toph was already a little fidgety, but still good. We posed for the family pics first, then stripped him down for his newborn shots. We should have known that he wasn't going to tolerate this; he prefers to have his clothes on, thank you very much. Plus, he was getting hungry, as nursey time (as we call it around here) was only minutes away. So, he lost his mind. We told the photographer to give us a few minutes so he could nurse, and let me say I HATE nursing in public, even with the cover. I think nursing is something that is special and private done between mother and child, and while I don't mind when other women do it in public, it's personally not for me. Plus, Toph knows when I feel uncomfortable, and I don't think he gets enjoyment out of it either. Both of us soldiered on though, and he nursed on one side for about 10 minutes. My boy is a 15 minutes on each side boy though, and I knew this, but since he seemed content after 10 on one side, we decided to call the photog back in and continue with the shoot.

After a couple of minutes of fussing, he went into a little thing I have affectionately coined the "goat cry." That's when he cries so hard he sounds like a baby goat who is looking for his mother. I've heard that sound many a time on our family's ranch, so I'm familiar with the sound. I hate that sound. It is a toe-curling, sweat inducing sound and I make it my life's mission to end it when I hear it. We called it quits with the shoot and rescheduled.

We didn't know what to expect from our little fellow yesterday, but I nursed a not so hungry baby in the car before we went in to ensure that he wouldn't get too hungry no matter how long we had to wait. We didn't have to wait very long, we got right in and let me say, baby boy decided to strike a pose! We got so many beautiful pictures. He was cooing at the photographer and looking around with his gorgeous eyes. It was great.

Here's a few of our faves:

I must say this is a precious baby; I know I'm his mama but even the doctor said he was the cutest, smartest baby he'd seen in a long time. So, it's really not my opinion, it's science.

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