Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hello Full Term! 3 Weeks (Or 4) Til I Meet My Girl

Today is a big day; I am officially considered full term! Lulu Mae is head down, and as the doctor said last week, even more engaged than the week before. He didn't check and see if I was dilated and I wasn't too upset about that, so I don't have those stats to share, for all of you who are dying to know.

Yesterday also marked the last day of Baby-Shower month. I've had three incredibly fun baby showers and I am so blessed to have the people in my life that I have. They love Lulu so much and I couldn't be more thankful. I thought I'd post some pics of some of my favorite shower gifts, but before that, let's talk about the awesomeness of Aunt Mollye.

Aunt Mollye is my sister and has been the most enthusiastic Lulu supporter that I've had. She hangs on every word as I describe her niece and she never goes without telling me how excited she is to meet this baby. Yesterday my mom threw me a wonderful shower and it was a little bittersweet because Aunt Mollye was not there. But boy, was she there in spirit! Here is what she got her niece:

She knows how much my husband likes to clean. :)
Rattles. Those are going to be fun.
It's hard to tell but that's a Medela bottle.
One of my favorites; an Itzbeen timer. My mom tells me I won't need this; the baby will let me know when it's time to feed her, but it has a lot of other useful timers too.
More Dreft; both Matt and I LOVE the smell of this stuff.
And more Dreft. We're going to buy stock.

A wonderful, yellow and white Boppy pillow embroidered with lambs. A PERFECT match for the nursery.

Another one of my faves; a Baby Bjorn. I have my wrap; so this one will be for Matt. We've already tried it on and everything. Now we just need a baby to put in it.

So, Aunt Mollye hooked us up. She is taking this "aunt" job very seriously. I miss her!! By the way, the lady in red in the background is my own aunt, Melissa. Three months ago Melissa suffered an aneurysm that bled into her brain and spinal cavity for nine hours...and she lived to tell the tale! I was so thankful to have her at the shower.

I thought I would post a few more faves of baby things that we've received. Not that I'm showing favoritism, because we feel blessed for EVERYTHING we've received. My wonderful faculty supplied her whole wardrobe for the first few months and my wonderful friends started her library for her.

The diaper cake above was made by my sweet teammate Mary. There were a TON of diapers in there, plus some burp cloths, socks and rubber duckies.
My sweet stepsister Katie made this for us. Again, a TON of's so great.

Below is the beginning of Lulu's library. I've already decided that once we get into a routine, it's going to be bath-time, book-time, then bedtime. I'm so excited for her to walk to the book basket and choose a book...which will be her favorite??

My mom told my sister a few secrets about this shower and she was very good about not telling me what they were, but she did say that they would be "priceless." Here is one of those priceless gifts. When I was a little girl (3 or 4), the rocking horse below was mine. His name is Rocky and he's going on 25 years old. I had a great time with that horse until one day, he "bucked" me off. I'm pretty sure I jumped off, regardless, I hit the corner of the entertainment center and busted my eye open. I had to get several stitches and never saw Rocky again. Rocky used to be a white wood with eyes painted on him.

Little did I know my mom saved him all these years for her first grandchild, sanded him, stained him and finished him, and now he's in my home, waiting for my baby. Oh yes, lessons have been learned! He will be ridden under strict surveillance (though I'm not saying my mom wasn't watching me, rocking horses aren't meant to buck) and will not be near any sharp corners. If this child is anything like me though, she will find a way to injure herself on it, but I'm really going to try to prevent it!

I have so many other favorites but this blog has taken me a long time to post, so I will post more later! 3 more weeks! Say it with me! 3 more weeks! (Maybe 4) :)

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