Monday, December 21, 2009

27 Weeks! Lulu's Last Week in the Second Trimester

That's right! One more week and Lulu will officially be considered third trimester. It's going by so fast. There are days when I really want the pregnancy to be over (like when I have to bend down and it's all about planning a strategy and looking around the room to see if anyone else is around to pick something up for me) and there are some days when I'll really miss being pregnant, like when I feel her kick endlessly or when my husband comes home and he absentmindedly rubs my belly, like he's been doing it for years and years. I'll miss that.

This week Lulu graduates to a new growth chart; she is now officially measuring from crown to toes, whereas before it was crown to rump. "What To Expect" says that she is about 15 inches long. Her movements are very strong, so strong that she kicked hubs in the back the other night and he felt it! She did it several times to him and he was just as enchanted as I am.

Yesterday we went to my sweet Grandma's house for our annual "Flippen Ranch" Christmas celebration. Each year is more precious than the one before as we are all growing up and realize that not everyone is blessed with their Grandma as long as we have been. Meme is doing good; she made her famous beans and my Aunt Debbie cooked the rest of the food and let me say, Paula Deen has nothing on her! She always has a spread to feed upwards of 20 people. This year we have three pregnant ladies in the family and it was so cute seeing all of us together. This Christmas we were the first in line to eat and the first to sit down. We have all grown a lot too; once I find our camera cord, I'll post our picture.

Today my dad comes into town for a visit; the great thing about him is that he is easy to entertain. We'll probably go out to eat a lot and watch a lot of movies. Sounds good to me. Christmas Eve we go to my mom's house to celebrate. I'm so excited to see my mom! My Aunt Melissa has been having health problems so she's been in Austin a lot seeing after her, but it looks like my sweet aunt is doing a lot better, so mom is coming home in time for Christmas Eve. Christmas Day Matt and I are going to have our annual celebration together, just us, then later that day we'll jump in the car and head to his mom's house. We sound like we're a busy couple of people, but what you don't know is that there will be a lot of intermittent resting and napping. And of course, plenty of eating. Lulu is set to gain 6 ounces every week from here on out.

I'll post more later!

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