Sunday, December 13, 2009

26 Weeks! A Busy Week in the Life of Lulu

Before I begin, let's all take a look to at the right side of the screen. You see my pregnancy ticker? Less than 100 days. We are now officially in the two digit numbers. Now, does this mean that Lulu will be here in 98 days? No. I was a week late and so was hubs, so neither of us will be surprised if she's still nice and cozy a week past my due date. We just have to let her decide for herself when she will come (but that doesn't mean I don't have talks with her about how Spring Break (March 13-21) would be an ideal time for her to make her appearance). I've already decided that I'll work up to when my water breaks (if Dr. Kelley is agreeable to that), so that means that if she doesn't come over Spring Break, I will wake myself up the next Monday and head to work. I may or may not be a little grumbly, but never with her.

I'm getting way ahead of myself! That's something I tend to do these days, get way ahead of myself. I've made a mental list of all the things that must be done soon, and I'll admit, sometimes it really makes me feel overwhelmed. Her room is ready, furniture put together, but it still needs decorated. We now need to start stocking up on all things baby. All of that will be put off until the holidays are over, because they are keeping us busy enough.

Good news though: FIVE teaching days until a glorious 14 day break. I couldn't be more excited. The two weeks are sure to be action packed, filled with lots of driving, but will also be a much needed break. This is what I love about being a teacher and being married to a teacher: we have several built in vacations every year. I couldn't be luckier, as my husband is my favorite person to spend time with.

"What to Expect" says that this week Lulu should weigh about as much as a two pound chuck roast. Agreed. There is a definite weight in my uterus that I am constantly aware of. Her little eyes are starting to open, but they don't have pigment yet. They are able to sense light though, which is kind of cool. She brings me more joy every day, and I haven't even met her. Hubs and I spend a lot of time on the couch these days and every once in awhile he'll catch me smiling with my hands on my stomach. That's just me and my girl having a moment. I love her SO much.

I am feeling really good these days, my energy level is pretty high and the swelling in my feet is almost gone. I have to attribute some of the swelling to a phase where all I wanted to eat was Chick-Fil-A. Mmmm, good but salty. I've cut back and have to admit, the swelling has subsided. My fingers are still nice and sausage like though. My last doctor's appointment went well and we got all sorts of info about prenatal classes. One thing about my husband and I is if we could be professional students and just sit and learn all day, we would. These classes are going to be awesome. He's taking "Daddy Boot Camp", we're taking a birthing class, I'm taking a breast feeding class and we'll finish off with a car seat safety class. Yep, we're nerds, but we're excited nerds.

This week will be busy, but in a school, it always is. Come Friday, I'll be one happy pregnant lady.