Tuesday, August 4, 2009

80 Things

Our air has been out the four days and today it is back. Whilst basking in the sweetness of air conditioning, I thought I would share with you 80 things about myself, adapted from my blogging buddy, Aron.

10 things about my past:
  1. I was born in Austin, TX on Aug. 19, 1982
  2. I was raised on our family's ranch, the Flippen Ranch, until I was 6.
  3. I played basketball all through middle school and high school and thought myself to be very good at it, when in reality, I was mediocre at best.
  4. My parents divorced when I was 15.
  5. I am the oldest of two kids (my sister is 25 months younger than me.)
  6. I lived in Texas until I was 16, then moved to Durango, CO.
  7. Yellow was totally my favorite color in high school.
  8. I had a biting problem in kindergarten.
  9. I had a cat named Otto growing up. She loved me, even though I lacked a gentle nature.
  10. In my 13 years of public schooling, I attended 9 different schools. We moved a lot.

10 things about my personality:
  1. I believe myself to be funny. I like to laugh and make others laugh.
  2. When I'm right, I'm right. That's the end of it.
  3. I empathize.
  4. I am caring, loving and kind.
  5. I am driven and when I want something, I am willing to work to get it.
  6. I am protective over my loved ones.
  7. I get picky about grammar and spelling. I have read some writing that has grammar and spelling mistakes beyond what is socially acceptable, and having read said writing I worry about that person.
  8. I worry about silly things sometimes.
  9. I am quick and efficient and have little time for time-wasting. (Except on vacations and when it is called for.)
  10. I am tolerant of everything except intolerance.

10 random things I love:
  1. grilled sandwiches (thank you Grandma Funk, best wedding gift ever)
  2. word puzzles, hubs and I killed a whole 3 hour plane ride solving those things.
  3. playing hand and foot with my family in Iowa.
  4. our green grass.
  5. AC
  6. the smell of play dough (the manufactured kind not the home-made kind)
  7. how my husband looks when he's lesson planning
  8. ice cold water
  9. beautiful, custom made curtains
  10. PS 22 Staten Island chorus (made up of 5th grade angels)

10 things I dislike/pet-peeves
  1. Intolerance
  2. the word "panties"
  3. not having AC
  4. one uppers
  5. teachers who blame their inadequacies on their students
  6. Anne Coulter
  7. dishonesty
  8. burnt eggs
  9. people who go running or to the gym with their hair down. what is that?
  10. people with bad grammar or spelling.

10 cool places I've been:

  1. Chichen Itza
  2. San Diego
  3. Grand Canyon
  4. Mountain View, Arkansas (Hey, it was cool)
  5. Las Vegas
  6. Portland, Oregon
  7. Vancouver
  8. Nashville
  9. Mayan Riviera
  10. Boulder, CO

10 dreams/goals:

  1. get my master's
  2. develop this blog even more
  3. get our house exactly the way we want it
  4. have a couple of bambinos
  5. run a marathon (I will do it!)
  6. find a way to get all the funding my district needs.
  7. a really big bathtub with jets
  8. for hubs and I to start our own pre-collegiate development program in San Antonio
  9. learn another romantic language, like Italian or Portuguese
  10. to be a better person, a little better every day

10 "favorites":

1. favorite movie: The Royal Tenenbaums
2. favorite food: currently it's grilled sandwiches
3. favorite drink: coffee, water and wine
4. favorite color: blue
5. favorite number: 11
6. favorite season: fall, it's not like the leaves change here or anything but it does get nice and cool
7. favorite smell: cedar wood and fresh cut grass
8. favorite cookie: double chocolate chip
9. favorite clothing item: summer dresses
10. favorite animal: cat and turtle

10 things I'm proud of doing:

  1. getting my bachelor's degree
  2. becoming a teacher
  3. marrying mgk, the smartest thing I have done
  4. being a good wife, daughter, sister and friend
  5. buying a house
  6. being the bigger person (it's so hard, but so worth it...I am officially above any sort of juvenile drama)
  7. continually trying to be better at my job...so many little lives are effected by it
  8. completing the pre-collegiate camp, definitely the highlight of the summer
  9. becoming a really good cook, seriously, Paula Deen needs to watch out!
  10. always doing what is right, even though it's not always easy, and always being kind, you can never really tell what people are truly going through


The Burcham's said...

OK, honestly, the girls that run with their hair down drive me crazy!!

aron said...

YAY i love these posts!!!! great facts :)