Saturday, July 25, 2009

San Diego Bound!

When my curriculum coordinator told me back in April that the district was going to pay for three teachers (from any of our 64 schools) to go to an all expenses paid science conference in San Diego, I told her I was interested. Of course I would! A free trip to San Diego, who wouldn't jump on that? Two fifth grade teachers also told her they were interested, so she sent a very nice email to the district about us. She always says such nice things, about how good we are at teaching, how we're leaders on campus, and she's been teaching a really long time and has a lot of experience under her, it must be true! I love her.

Anyway, she sent this email out and we really didn't think we would be selected. Come on, out of the hundreds of teachers in our district, the chances were slim. However, about a week later she came into my room and said, "You're going to San Diego!" Woo hoo!

Tomorrow, we leave for San Diego! I'm lucky enough that hubs is going with me, as his best friend Mars lives there. So, while I am becoming an awesome science teacher (we desperately need more of those in this country), he will be hanging at Muscle Beach with Mars. (Probably not but it's our little inside joke.)

We're staying at the Lodge at Torrey Pines. That's in La Jolla, a really swanky part of San Diego. We get home on Thursday. I am SOO freakin' excited.

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