Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Craigslist and Adventures in Lawn-Mowing

Well, today is officially the third day of summer and would you like to know what time it is? 6:55am. I have been up for half an hour now, which means I opened my eyes this morning and had no more sleep left in me at 6:25am. Essentially, this is sleeping in for me because during school I normally wake up at 5:40am. I like the quiet mornings in the house; let me tell you, hubs is sleeping in late just fine. I was thinking I would be sleeping in later, but hey, we're about to leave to work a camp where we have to be up by 7am everyday anyway, so I might as not break my schedule too bad.

Aside from sleeping, what else have I been up to? Well, it feels like we've been getting pretty busy the last couple of days. I have been scouring Craigslist for a kitchen table but have had no luck yet. I'm looking for a round, glasstop table with a wooden base and wooden chairs. The wood will need to be a darker shade because we're decorating with walnut tones all over the house. I am beginning to lose faith in the Craigslist community and am therefore extending my plea to you, dear reader: if you see or know of someone who wants to sell a table like the one aforementioned, please let me know. It's getting dangerous in my kitchen without a breakfast table, my husband keeps walking right into the hanging light fixture and banging his head.

Why don't I just go to a furniture store? In the end, I probably will. I just think Craigslist is an excellent way to find good furniture for a little cheaper. Plus, it's fun to see what people are selling. I have learned about myself too. For instance, I have not seen a china cabinet one that I like. I think they are too chunky and big. I have china and other things handed down from generations that I would love to display in a china cabinet-like apparatus, but I do not like the general style of china cabinets.

Since we're on furniture (a turn I did not know this blog was going to take), let's talk about entertainment centers. I don't know who on God's green earth still likes the big, chunky hunks of wood that stores all your entertainment needs. Oh yes, I know who. My friend Megan. Don't hold it against her, it's her style. And she has a lovely home. However, it is not my style and an entertainment center is another thing I am having a hard time finding. We have decided that we want to keep it small, so we are looking for a walnut corner unit. The TV would be on top and all the entertainment accoutrement would be on the bottom, behind doors. I have seen one that I like from Target. It will have to wait though. Waiting is not my favorite thing to do in any given situation, but it's something I have to do here.

We are having a blast living here. The other day we went out and did yard work. Hubs mowed the back yard and I mowed the front, while he weedwacked both sides. Let's back up to about three hours before, when we are at Lowe's buying our lawnmower. Actually, let's back up even more, about a week earlier, when we're at Lowe's buying our first mower. We walk in Lowe's and we've been filled with the spirit of Al Gore. We're going to buy one of those mowers that don't require gas, they just have blades and a bag. No gas, we say, just our own non-polluting feet and backs doing the work. We buy the thing, so content, thinking, "We're doing our part! Our carbon footprint will be smaller because of this!" We put it together and no one cuts themselves, and then we start to mow. The first time over the back lawn and well, nothing looks different. Hubs does it a second time, no difference. He does it a third time and by that time I am in the house, drinking water and watching TV. He comes in and says in a matter of fact voice, "Well, the mower sucks. It doesn't cut anything." He's dripping sweat and his face is red and we decide to not think about our carbon footprint and buy a regular mower.

So, fast forward to a week later when we finally had time to take it back. They give us full credit (even though we somehow lost the assembly instructions) and we go to the mower section again. It's there that we see a collection of cute red mowers. They're all gas powered, but we notice the ones that are a little more expensive are the ones that say, "self-propelled." We discuss what that means and hubs tells me it means it basically moves on it's own, with no help from the pusher. I made this sound "psha," and say, "shoot, boy, I was raised on a farm. My Uncle Jimmy would fall over if I told him my mower does all the work for me." I just couldn't do it. Hubs didn't mind because it was cheaper and I was already saying I would mow the front yard. So, we settled on a cute Troybilt number that came with a free weed wacker. (Is it bad that I giggle a little every time I type the word "weed wacker"? I know my brother in law Andre would giggle, so I don't feel too bad.)

We get home and set to work. Hubs set up the lawnmower and I set up the weed wacker (hee hee). He sets to work on the back yard while I watch, sitting on our patio chair and drinking cranberry-pomegranate juice. That was a moment of bliss, let me tell you. Watching your husband mow in the evening hours while you sit and enjoy a cold's pure bliss. My bliss however was short lived because he soon finished with the back and was going to start weed wacking (LOL) so I needed to take the mower to the front to mow. I do just that, feeling tingly all over as I haven't mowed a lawn in years. I start the thing and get going.

Now, remember the "self-propelled" conversation we had earlier? Well, while I am mowing that conversation will be playing over and over in my head because I realize that self-propelled and not self-propelled makes a big difference. The first couple of passes I take on the right side of our house are easy. Then, I make it over to the main front yard and that's when the mower will not move. It's on, but for all my pushing, it's staying put. Nope, it's not broken, but the fact that the mower is now "Gin-propelled" is just not doing the trick. I push, I throw my shoulder into it. I twist my body this way and that. Finally, it moves a little. I repeat the process. After awhile, it starts to go again. Our lawn is relatively small. I don't know how long exactly it took me to mow it, but I do know I was filthy and sweaty when I finished. Plus, I fully understand the meaning between "self propelled" and "propelled by your own pushing." I know now that being raised on a farm has nothing to do with whether or not you'll be a successful lawn-mower.

After all was said and done, our lawn looks wonderful. If only we weren't in stage one water restrictions and could water everyday. Our watering day is Friday and you better believe I'll be watering. I hope this finds you well and if you have any mowing stories, please tell them to me. I have a new-found interest in all things lawn.

Oh, and don't forget; find that table for me!!

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