Saturday, June 20, 2009


Today is my last day off for two weeks. Yes, I'm in Colorado and we made it safely and we had a lot of fun with my dad, who was kind enough to drive us. He's really great.

Let me just say that I have missed Colorado and especially CU. Being there again has made me realize just how blessed I am to have received an education from such a beautiful and prestigious school. Now I'm in a position to help high school kids go to school there and give them the experience I had. I'm so freaking excited.

But with that excitement will come a certain amount of exhaustion. This is no 8-5 position, it's a 6am to 11pm position, with some days that will be even longer. It's not a desk job or some kind of checkout job. It's a fast paced campus job, which means ensuring the safety and well being of almost 70 high school juniors and seniors. It's one where we have to be "on" all the time, because they will be. These two weeks will be so formative for them that there will no room for negativity or an outward expression of exhaustion. So, I slept almost 12 hours last night and will go to bed early again tonight and be ready to greet them. I'm truly excited to meet these kids.

I will be a TA in two classes; senior English and political science. I'm proficient in both subjects, so I don't foresee a problem helping and tutoring them. I like being able to help a student write sufficiently and defend their opinions. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people can't defend what they are saying intelligently, so I am excited to be able to help them understand how important that is, especially in a university setting.

Hubs and I got the same dorm room, which was nice of our director. I was fully expecting to be placed in a dorm with another girl, so this was nice of her. Um, dorms are gross though. I will post more pics of ours later, but yeah, not the cutest room in the world. Nor the comfiest bed, for that matter. Hubs has taken up the reins as a true leader in this camp and continues to amaze me with his leadership ability and problem solving skills.

Yesterday we saw a fox outside our dorm. Kris, hubs and I were walking along and about ten feet in front of us was a real, live fox! It was so freaking cool. I've seen all sorts of animals during my time in Boulder over the years and the fox just got added to the list.

Right now we are at Kris' house, who is hubs best friend. They have grown up together and it's just so great seeing them together again. They're as close as brothers and have had no problem picking up just where they left off. This afternoon my sis and dad are going to Mama Jayne and Daddy Mac's house for a little get together, and tomorrow the kids arrive at CU.

Maybe I'll be posting over the camp, maybe not. I'm going to do a Father's Day post tomorrow for sure. So, we'll see you tomorrow for sure, but after that, it's hard to say. I have a feeling I'll be busy.

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