Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word to your Mother

My husband and I are blessed with really wonderful families, there's no denying that. They have us wrapped in a coccoon of love and support that knows no bounds. There is a really neat symmetry between our two families that makes them really similar, even if the people within them are different. One thing that makes our families great is that we have three loving mothers, Becky, Jayne and Lisa, who make us better people.

My mom is Becky. I get a little choked up (as I am now) when I try to put into words the love and respect I have for her. It's hard to explain how much I love her. I am hoping that I will one day be half the woman she is and that's saying a lot because I have about 6 inches of height on her! I hope that I can be the mother to my children that she is to me. I think about the advice she gives me and then I think, "Would I have told my child the same thing?" My mom can do a lot of neat stuff: she's a talented seamstress, a talented baker, a talented gardener and she lives a green life. I am none of those things (I am getting better at baking though) but I love to watch and learn. Mom never tries to change me and I can always tell she loves me because I'm me. She laughs at my jokes, which are almost always bad, and she always cooks MGK his favorite foods when we come over. She also laughs at MGK's jokes, which are also bad. My mom believes that I can do anything and she knows me pretty well. I will always be so grateful to have her as a mom because she has helped me become the person I am today. MGK's mom is Jayne. Jayne is one of the most generous, giving, loving people I know. She brought my husband up to love and respect women and that shines through him everyday. I will be eternally grateful to her for raising such an awesome son. I see her when I look into husband's eyes, as corny as that sounds. My husband loves to try and crack her up and it almost always works! I don't know why though, because as I've said before, his jokes are not great. It is so evident how much she loves her son and how proud she is of him. I don't blame her on that one, he is pretty amazing, but the reason he is so amazing is because he was raised by her, someone who has always loved and believed in him. I will always be thankful to her for raising him so well, it's because of her that I am married to a wonderful man. She has taken me in as well and treated me like one of her own. I don't feel like a daughter-in-law to her, I feel like a daughter and that means more to me than she'll ever know.Lisa is MGK's stepmom and we love her dearly. We don't really like the term "stepmom" as it an be meant as a negative term, and there are no negative connotations with Lisa. When we are with Lisa, we know we're going to have a good time. She embodies fun but also gives great advice. She is a mother to us and also our friend. She's funny and loves to laugh and we're always so sad when we have to part because out of the three moms, she's the one we see the least. The distance that separates us really doesn't matter, because once we see each other again it's like we've never been apart. We are so thankful to have her in our life because our lives have been made better by knowing her.

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klcsiii said...

I love this tribute; well done, my love!