Monday, May 25, 2009

We're Home!

I am coming to you live from our formal living room/office in our first home!! Moving is always hard and this move was no different, but it seemed easier this time because we know we are unpacking the boxes the last time for a long time! Now, I know I promised pics and they are coming, but my cord is missing that helps me upload photos. So we wait. I know it will turn up.

Here are some things I LOVE about our home, in no particular order:
  • The kitchen. First of all, it's huge. Second of all, it has a lot of counter space and beautiful countertops. It also has an island and I've always wanted one of those. The oven is also has already improved my cooking ability.
  • Our tiled entryway and informal living room. So pretty and different from anything I've seen.
  • Our front porch. We're putting a swing out there, it's a very peaceful place. And for some reason, the sparrows out there don't bother me. (Actually, if they get too close it bothers me very much.)
  • Our front lawn. This is an award winning lawn, with two trees and beautiful plants. The owner before us took great care of it and we have vowed to do the same.
  • Our master bathroom. Oh my word, in my renting days I had bedrooms smaller than this bathroom. It's got a huge garden tub, a glass tiled shower stall, a separate toilet closet, tiled floor and a double vanity. And, it has a window seat.
  • The upstairs landing. I'll post a picture of this, as it's hard to explain, but this is a really cool feature of the house. When you get upstairs, you're on a nice sized landing that will lead you to the three bedrooms, the guest bath and the laundry room.
  • 24 double paned windows throughout the house. We don't ever need lights unless it's pitch black outside. One of my requirements in a home was that it afford a lot of natural light and this place delivers.
  • Custom niches and cutouts. Our home is full of little architectural details that I just love. We have niches in the landing and the dining room.
  • The sheer size. At first we thought 2330 sq. ft. was too big for us...but then we probably won't be just us for too much longer. ;)
  • My favorite thing about this house husband! I can't go anywhere without him, he is my home, so no matter where we go or what we do, my home is with him. We just happened to find a really nice house for both of us to live.

I have posts coming up. DIY projects, the friendly neighborhood cats, how Pippen is taking to the new place (so far, not well) and adventures in backing out of the driveway. (It's a big driveway and I've never been good in reverse.)

More to come with pictures!


TitansFan said...

It's soo nice having a large bathroom! I found so many ways to maximize the space. My wife and I are rarely in the bathroom at the same time so I got rid of the double sink vanity and put this Bathroom Vanity in it's spot. It really opened up the bathroom. I'm not finished revamping right now but I have some nifty ideas I'm working on.

Mrs. Lingo said...

Congrats on your wonderful new home. However, you forgot to put LOCATION, that is close to your dear friend Megan :)

I have a question though, who is from Goose Creek South Carolina? Are they a dear friend like me? Or are they just a fan of your awesome Blog? They visit it all the time. I wish I could but I have to work so it is a once a week pleasure.