Sunday, May 31, 2009


We are very far from having our house exactly the way we want it, but we have worked our hineys off getting everything unpacked and somewhat put up. I think that unpacking is a lot harder than packing...we are trying to maintain organization while putting stuff away.

The most put together room in the house is the kitchen, which now has a beautiful fridge. Here it is:

You want to come over now, don't you? I know, the fridge is nice so there's got to be good food in there. We just lived a week without a fridge and don't wish that inconvenience on anyone. Here's the whole kitchen, complete with dishes in the sink.

Here's another shot of the kitchen:

Yep, this is where I work my magic. I set this up completely on my own while hubs was doing other stuff around the house, so it's really funny to watch him walk into his own kitchen and open cabinets, shut cabinets, open and shut drawers looking for stuff. He'll learn.

Now, let's talk about how handy my husband is.

  • He set up our washer and dryer. This doesn't sound like a lot except he had to install a new wire in the dryer that had four prongs because ours was only 3 prongs. Don't ask much more because beyond that I don't know. I just know he'd never done that before and he did it really well.

  • He installed a universal remote for our garage door. Again, had never done it before, just went out there, shooed me away a few times and did it.

  • Put together our lawnmower and didn't even cut himself.

  • Fixed a drawer that I thought I had broken beyond repair.

  • He also installed a doorknob on our back door. You would think doorknobs would not be a long project, but it took us quite awhile. But the knob looks nice.
Cute right? I learned that day that it's not good to strip a screw, it's actually kind of bad. Never knew that.
We have fallen right into home living. We love living in our own home and feel like we've been here forever. There are a ton of projects we'd like to do and we have so much fun scheming about what we're going to do and accomplish in our home. Come and visit soon!


Tara said...

Love it! What a spacious kitchen! Oh door knobs....Our current house was a foreclosure and when they left they took all of the door knobs and lights and closet shelves. I think Isaac could install them with his eyes closed now but it is time consuming! We'll look forward to more pictures.

Cecilia said...

The house looks great! Congrats