Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm Happy

I got to thinking today that I am an extremely blessed person. I just feel really happy.

I feel happy because...

  • my husband rocks (y'all already know that)
  • it's hot outside and nothing is better cooling off inside with some water and a fan, which is what I'm doing now
  • my orange cat is always so glad to see me when I get home
  • in a week we're closing on our first home
  • all my favorite shows are on tonight
  • my nails are looking really good
  • I just drank a glass of soy milk
  • tomorrow we are watching a movie at school
  • Mother's Day is coming up
  • I have an awesome class
  • my silver cavalier might now be the prettiest car in town but it gets me everywhere I need to go
  • I slept REALLY well last night (like a rock!)
  • speaking of which, my bed is really soft
  • I was able to snag some great packing boxes today at work
  • my colleague at school is having his first boy and today was the shower and his wife is really cute
  • the cake at the shower was really good
  • my husband picked up some coffee just in time because we were about out
  • our house is almost all packed except for a few necessities
  • I have on comfy pants
  • even though we ran our air conditioner a lot last month, our energy bill didn't go up very much (many thanks to Megs for all the great tips)
  • I have great friends
  • my dad is an awesome guy
  • we have a no nonsense realtor (she's tough so we don't have to be!)
  • my husband gives really good hugs

Those and among other things are the reasons I'm happy. Life is so great. :)


Tara said...

I think your next post should be sharing those energy conserving tips because this pregnant lady wants the AC on HIGH : )

aron said...

<3 this post :)