Wednesday, April 15, 2009


the rules are:
1.) fill it out
2.) change one question with one of your own
3.) add an additional question
4.) send it to 3 people.

1. what are your current obsessions?
running, running blogs, home-buying and lemon lime gatorade

2. which item from your closet are you wearing most often?
hmm, it's probably my summer dresses because tis the season

3. last thing you bought for myself?
a feels weird saying that.

4. what’s for dinner?
chicken succotash...chicken with lima beans, corn, tomatoes and chives in a lemon-cream sauce

5. say something to the person who tagged you:
Aron; I love your blog and I can't tell you how many days I have read it and immediately gone running, it inspires me to get out there!!

6. what is one item you could not live without?
well, I could probably survive without material items, but I would sorely miss my phone.

7. vacation spots you must visit before you die?
south america and spain. I must visit these places

8. three things to do before you die:
run a full marathon, have kiddos, get an advanced degree.

9. what are you reading right now?
I can hardly bear to say it...but I'm in between books! Recommend me one please!

10. what is the last movie you saw and enjoyed?
We watched Slumdog Millionaire the other day and by far, 5/5 stars. I know why it won the academy award.

11. what’s your guilty pleasure?
chocolate...chocolate everything

12. what are you eating/do you want to eat right now?
I want to eat chicken succotash

13. best thing you ate or drank lately?
the best think I have drank lately is lemon lime gatorade from powder mix. it's a weird thing right now, I don't know why I'm so obsessed with it.

14. care to share some wisdom?
laughing really hard makes any sort of day seem better. that, and petting a purring cat.

15. describe one of your happiest moments.
getting married to matt. the best day ever.

16. what was your best halloween costume?
one year I was pebbles from the flintstones. I was seven and my mom put a real chicken bone in my hair, like pebbles had.

17. what do you have an addiction to?
lemon lime gatorade, tangelos, running

18. what do you do that you would be embarrassed for others to know about?
I love the mtv reality tv shows, except for the hills. but the real worlds, the challenges, I never miss them.

19. what was your first screen name?
ginflip_45: the first part of my first name, maiden name and basketball number

20. do you have a weird talent?
I am really good at word puzzles.

21. what is your favorite holiday?
christmas, fo sho.

22. what was the last email you sent?
a home buying email to our lender

23. what on on your calendar this upcoming month?
april is freaking busy. so busy that I don't like to look at the calendar too much. this weekend we have a 10k race and a friends wedding, next week is the school carnival and lets see in may what am I doing?? oh yeah, closing on our house!! that among other stuff, things are piling up!

24. what is your least favorite word?
easy; panties. ugh. please don't say that word in front of me.


aron said...

ohhh thank you for #5, that makes me happy!!! :)

lol at the last one.

i have slumdog at home but havent watched it yet! need to get on it!

Megan said...

You have to read The Shack by William P. Young. A life changing book. I heart you Gin! Can't wait to see you this summer. :)