Friday, April 17, 2009


My husband rocks because we are a good complement to each other. This part of the home buying process I have really taken the reins. I've done the research, I've picked the homes, dealt with the realtor and the lender. I've been persistent and aggressive at times and I really know my stuff as far as the home buying process goes. He has let me do all of this with just a few questions here and there. Now that we have signed the contract and are waiting to close, we are discussing now what sorts of changes we'll make on the house and all the other planning and scheming one does when you buy a house. This is the part where he will take over and I love him for that! I don't know the first thing about fixing, caulking and that businesss, but he does and if he doesn't, he's a quick study. He's always been the decorator and the arranger, a skill he picked up from his mom and always does a great job designing the inside of our home. So he rocks because my part is almost over!

He also rocks because even though he HATES getting up an earlier than 8:30, he's willing to get up super early (6:30) to drive to the southside to run a 10k tomorrow. We're running the Fiesta Mission 10k and it's going to be so fun but I know he won't be in the best mood tomorrow because of the whole waking up early thing. He rocks though because he's willing to do it with me. Kelsey power!!

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