Saturday, March 28, 2009


School News: Hello, it's been awhile, I know, but between work, running and general upkeep of a life, time just seems to go by. All is well on the homefront, we are both just doing a countdown to April 28, the day of math TAKS, the state test. Both of our principals have poured the coal on us to get the scores way up. For my husband this is extremely stressful because the scores will determine whether or not his school stays open. He can do it, I know he can because he is a very good teacher. So dedicated. The math scores for my school will pretty much determine whether or not our school keeps its recognized status. It's possible I might not be blogging quite as much until April 28 passes. Until then, we'll keep our noses to the grindstone.

Good news: Husbandly and I will be spending a month in Colorado this summer, from June 18-July 17. For two weeks we'll be working at a precollegiate camp for high school kids who want a preview of college life. The other two weeks we'll rewind, reconnect with friends and hang out with Mama J and Daddy Mac. I am so looking forward to being back on CU campus. I miss that place.

Other news: we're getting ready to move. It looks like we'll be renting a few more months, then buying. We just want to make sure we love the part of the city we decide to move to, as it will be where we start our family. Today we're going to look at a cute townhome on the southside of town. It's kind of in the country in a new development. The only downfall is that it's a ways away from Matt's school. So, we'll see. All in all, we're just really excited to get out of the area we're in now. We are not fans of the north side of SATX.

Running news: I have had awesome runs this week. I am getting in really good shape and I can tell in the way my body is starting to change. I haven't gotten on the scale at all because I don't want numbers to discourage me from my ultimate goal. But, my body is looking a lot better and what's weird is that my stomach is getting a lot more defined. My leg muscles are naturally a lot more defined and they seem longer for some reason. Next week I'm going to start really pumping my runs up to six and seven miles daily. My long runs are going to start getting moved up to ten miles. Also, my dad bought me an awesome water belt complete with a pouch for keys, phone and Ipod. I am so excited to try it out. I hate when I get thirsty while I'm running and have nothing to drink. Husbandly thinks it's dorky, but really, the dorky thing is getting a few miles away from your house with nothing to hydrate with. So really, he's the dork. :) Also, one week until my first 5k race! Woo hoo.

Family news: my dad came into town this weekend and we had a really good time. We played Wii and he was pretty good. What's funny is when I play Wii tennis I always hop around the room swinging my arms like I'm really playing tennis, and that's exactly what he does. Ha. I know where I get it from. We just relaxed too and watched movies. Of course, the movie we watched last night I fell asleep on the floor. I can never stay up for movies.

Music news: It's weird, but I am obsessed with the singer Lady Gaga. I think she's hilarious with those getups she puts on and I really like to run to her music. She's just so different than what's been put out lately, so I dig her. I am also still loving of course, Ms. Taylor Swift. I can't stand Miley Cyrus nor Britney Spears (although I do pity her a tiny bit). As a teacher, I tend to like the teeny bopper stars that make good role models for my students, and Taylor Swift is someone I feel good about when it comes to the little girls in my room. Not so much the other two, and as far as Lady Gaga goes, well, I like her and really don't think my kids are going to hear too much from her on the Disney channel or Nickelodeon, so it's okay.

There you go. My boring, boring news. I hope to put something more exciting up next time, but I will end it with a picture:

My wonderful husband and I on top of the Hancock Observatory in Chicago. It was so cold that I had to buy gloves and I kept them on the majority of the trip and when I needed to take the picture, I took it off with my mouth and promply forgot it was in my mouth.

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aron said...

i just found your blog and wanted to say hi :)

congrats on your running so far!! sounds like its coming along great! although fuel belts may seem a little dorky they are the BEST!! i am sure you will notice an improvement in your running by being hydrated during, i know i do!

good luck on your upcoming 5k!!!