Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Well, we got home from the midwest very early this past Sunday morning. We were so tired but we got somewhat prepared for school. I had so much to do and was so tired I did not go running. It was all I had to get everything around the house done. We both got to our respective schools on Monday and it was like, "WHAM!!"

There is so much to do around our work this time of much to do. We got our reading scores back and I must give a shout out to my kiddos...they did SO well. I mean, so well that I have had various people congratulating me. I don't want any congratulations because it was ALL them. I am so outrageously proud of my babies. The last day of school will be incredibly hard, as I know that the type of class I have only comes along once in a blue moon. So, my kids are precious and awesome and a wonderful part of our community.

I also performed the first time in front of a live audience. We performed "Seussical the Musical" for PTA and I played the Cat in the Hat. Complete with costume, hat and gloves. I had to sing a solo for our opening number. We filmed it, but some of the kids are in the background so I can't put it on the internets for privacy reasons, but if you want to see it I will see if I can email it to you. I did look pretty good though:

As far as running goes, work caused me to miss a couple of days running, but that couldn't be helped. Originally, I was going to take a rest day on Sunday but it looks like every week from now until the end of school, I will have something going on that causes me to miss one running day a week, so Sunday is now a running day. That's okay. I really don't mind. I had some really good running days, all outside. It's been beautiful here (calm before the incredibly HOT storm), so it's been really easy to run outside. My leg pain has subsided, and both days I was able to get in about five miles. I probably could have gotten more in, but five miles felt really good. Another day I got in a mile and a half outside then ran another four inside. So there you go, a little insight to my post-Spring break life. I hope this finds you well on a glorious Saturday morning!

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