Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Husband Rocks because...

He is the most thoughtful husband a girl could ask for. Yesterday I woke up, stumbled upstairs, and on my makeup counter was a little bag from Sephora. Inside was my favorite lip balm, Smith's Brambleberry Rose in a little tin, and Bad Gal Blue Mascara from Benefit. Also, there was a card with the most beautiful poem in Spanish that Matt put together for me. I am a sucker for Spanish poetry, I think the words just flow like water, and MGK knows that about, he wrote me a poem and had his Spanish speaking students edit it and everything. Also, I know he reads my blog because of the aforementioned makeup products. That sort of thing is boring to him, he never even goes into Sephora with me, but somehow he knew my two favorite makeup products. It was because he read this.

So, I got ready for school with lots of love in my heart and I go through the day with the kids. We had a field trip yesterday which always wears me out. Anyway, toward the end of the day the secretary comes upstairs carrying a box from Proflowers. Inside was the most beautiful arrangement of tulips in a red vase. I read the card aloud to my kids and they were all very impressed with my husband's Spanish.

To top it off, we both get home and decide to celebrate Vday a little early. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see Confessions of a Shopaholic. This is a movie theater where you can eat and drink and watch a movie. The eating and drinking part was fun, the movie was horrible, but that could be because I LOVED the book and the movie was a far cry from the book. However, that's another blog within itself.

So, that's why my husband rocks. Poems, flowers, thoughtful gifts and horrible chick flicks about shopping. He did it all for me. How lucky am I?

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