Friday, January 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks...

Because we're hosting a Super Bowl party and he's as into the festivities as me! We're buying a new vacuum so we can clean better, we're getting all sorts of tasty snacks and we're gonna play Wii during halftime. I'm so excited we're able to open our home up to our friends and family. And, he also rocks because he sends me text messages.

In other news...I got a new phone. Here's what it looks like:
I also signed up for texting, something I haven't done for a long time and now I'm addicted. It's one of the only ways my sister finds time to communicate with me, so it's a blessing just for that! Plus, it has TV on it. And it's completely touch screen. I felt a little silly getting such a fancy phone but I thought about in, and in the eight years I've had a cell phone, I've only had five phones. So that's not bad. But the best is when my husband texts me, it's just so funny. So, he rocks because he humors me. And, if anyone wants to send me a text, well, I'll write back right away.

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