Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things I'm Good At

We got a Wii for Christmas. We knew it was coming, Daddy Mac is no good at keeping secrets so Mama J thought it would be best just to tell us what was coming. MGK and I made all sorts of plans for it; mine chiefly being that we get a Wii Fit. They arrived Friday, Wii in hand, and we went out to purchase our Fit. We got home with the Fit and I was just aching to try it. We get it set up and plugged in, and I begin to work on it. The first thing it does is create a profile for you and determine your strengths and weaknesses. It also determines your Wii Fit Age. It combines your age, weight and BMI, as well as the scores to the balance tests to decide how old you really are. I don't think it means to insult you, in fact I think its intentions are pure, but, it offends. My Wii age is...33. Yikes. I'm a lass of a mere 26 years. Something's got to be done. Also, it gives you your strengths, like what you're good at, physically. I am good at breathing and standing. I am not good at standing still, and my posture favors the right, slightly. When you step on the fit, for those of you that have it, don't you find it a little annoying that it shudders? The little noise it makes, that "whoaaa" sound, like it might snap in two at any moment.
We have not started out on the best of terms, but things will improve, I know it will. It needs to quit shuddering when I step on it, and I need to stand still better. I will also defeat every single one of those balance games. My personal favorite is the girl in the bubble. She's supposed to be Mii, but I would never act like that if I were trapped in a bubble and about to drown. She panics way too easily. So, she's Mii, but not in all aspects. I'll write more about her later.
Wii wish you could come over and play Wii with us. It's a lot of fun, and who would have thought that all the sports I'm terrible at (bowling, golf and tennis), I'm really good at in Wii land?
It's a Christmas miracle.

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