Wednesday, December 10, 2008

National Geographic right outside my window

I took my babies to music today, something I don't normally do on a Wednesday, but they missed their Monday time, and the music teacher said it was okay to send them so I did. They like music, and I like the extra 45 minutes it gives me. So, I was sitting at my computer, typing next week's homework out (yes, they're getting homework even though it's the last week before break), and I hear a very loud noise. Think gun shot noise. And this noise is but five feet from me. Something made an impact with my window. I turn to look, and all I see is a cloud of feathers. I am not a big fan of birds, so the feathers did not bode well for me. Next to my window, on the other side of the wall, is a five foot ledge. This ledge is famous because some irresponsible teachers of years past had been known to let their kids run around on those ledges. That does not fly anymore, pun intended. Anyway, I have to investigate because if there's some injured bird on my ledge it will need to be removed immediately. What I find is much cooler than that. As I approach the window to look at the ledge, I see a hawk. And this hawk has two handfuls of pigeon and he is tearing this pigeon to shreds. Hence the cloud of feathers. What had happened was Mr. Pigeon was minding his own business in the tree next to my windows when Mr. Hawk body slams him out of nowhere, colliding into my window, scaring the bejesus out of me and killing Mr. Pigeon. I sit their shrieking for about ten seconds when Mr. Hawk hops a couple of times, and flies away with Mr. Pigeon, off to have a tasty, quiet meal.
Wow. I know. Amazing stuff. I told my students all about it and they lamented the fact that they were in music, but I told them it was for the best.
Have you ever had a National Geographic moment? Tell me about it. I can't be the only one.

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