Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh me oh my oh, it's been a real long time-o

Hello there. Please forgive me for not being so great of a blogger. I'm back though, and I've saved up some really good posts, so get ready.

First up: Adventures in Newlywed Grocery Shopping

When two teachers are married, the only time to do the grocery shopping is on the weekend. Since we spend Saturday recovering from the week and not moving very fast, we tend to do our shopping on Sundays. I am in charge of making the lists; I plan out the meals I'm going to make for supper, then fill in the list with things we need for breakfasts and snacks, and then I give it to my husbandly to double check and fill in. That's when potato chips gets inserted and when Diet Mountain Dew gets inserted on the list. That's also when husbandly says, "ooh, you know what I really want? Lasagna. Do you plan on making that this week?" No, I say, you can look on the other side of the list to see what I'm making. Then there's the comment on how much Mexican food is on there, and anyway...what can I say? I can work magic with a can of beans and some tortillas.

I digress...

Lately, when we've gotten to HEB on a Sunday, it's packed to the gills. All sorts of people in their Sunday best getting their food for the week. Here we come, list in hand, gaping at the crowds. After spending almost two hours at the supermarket one Sunday, we devised a plan. Divide and conquer. Now, we're all business. We take the parts of the list we comfortable with, and then go. We tend to stay in the same general area, especially after the time I picked up the milk and the soy milk and then could not find husbandly, who had the cart. I had very cold hands. We've also decided it's best that Matt take the cart because I've been known to "tailgate" if I'm pushing the cart. Slow walkers bother me, what can I say? Last Sunday, HEB was extra crowded. Matt was in one aisle with the cart and I was in another, grabbing my granola bars. That's another thing: Matt will get whatever brand is cheapest, I go with the kind I like, even if it's a couple of cents (or dollars) more expensive. One day I know I'll need to change that, but right now, there's no accounting for taste. Needless to say, my granola bars are not the cheapest on the aisle, therefore it's better I grab them on my own so Mr. Price-Comparison doesn't stand in the aisle for a few minutes arguing the case for granola bars. Anyway, I grab my granola bars and head over the husband's aisle. He is standing there with two items in his hand, comparing prices. This particular aisle was crowded and I wanted to leave it immediately. Therefore, I throw the bars in what I think is our cart and start to push it quickly away. Matt sees me doing this and has an amused look on his face. I think it's because he knows I dislike crowds and then I look back down at the cart. As I'm pushing it away, a woman grabs it. Right when she grabs it, I notice a nice black purse sitting in the front part of the basket. Not my purse. Not my cart.

Ah, that's why husband is amused. He is witnessing his wife steal someone's purse. Actually, the owner of the cart was very nice about it. As I was running away, she called after me to give me my granola bars. So, moral of the story: I need to be more aware of what's going on. I also need to learn to not blush so much. And of course, thank God for my husband because without him, I'd be leaving HEB with gold covered groceries. He keeps me in check, and he picks really good apples in the produce section.

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