Sunday, November 23, 2008

Funniest Moments of Our Wedding

This past summer, our lives revolved around the wedding. Planning the wedding, getting ready for the wedding, buying stuff for the wedding. It was hard to see past July 19 because everything we did for the three months leading up to it had to do with that date. The wedding came and went, and it was beautiful and perfect. My honest to goodness dream wedding. We have found out that there is life after the wedding, a little thing called marriage. Now, when we think about the wedding, it's only with the fondest of thoughts. Also, there's some room to reflect on the funny things that happened, things that will make us laugh for a long time.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Misplacing the marriage license. There are no pictures of Matt and I signing the marriage license after the ceremony. That's because we didn't know where it was. I was none the wiser to this, as Matt kept me completely in the dark about it, sweet thing. Several people tore our house apart looking for it, and where was it? At the wedding site all along, at the bottom of a box of decorations. If you know Matt and I, you know this is par for the course when it comes to us. Neither of us are very organized. Don't worry; we're married, we signed when we got back from the honeymoon and our wonderful minister took care of the rest.

2. My cat pouncing my veil as I was putting my makeup on, claws fully extended. I was not as upset as my friend Megan, who I believe would have thrown him out of the window. He was very put-off by everyone's reaction.

3. My sweet grandmother sneaking a margarita like a school girl. The first I heard of this was the photographer saying, "someone's grandma just sneaked a margarita that she's not supposed to have." My grandma just giggled and said, "don't worry, I'm not driving home."

4. My mom's reaction to my reaction the first time I saw our cake. The color brown was all wrong and I was getting ready to get all upset about it, and my mom spoke to me like she did when I was five: "no, no this isn't wrong. Look how perfectly it matches the grooms cake." And it did. That really assuaged my worry but I know that every time I see that cake I'll know that was NOT the kind of brown I had requested.

5. Five minutes before the wedding we were looking for bouquet and I happen to see my mom and Mama J standing together and neither of them have on their boutonnières. Neither does my dad or any of the people that we got flowers for. My voice reached a really high octave as I screeched, Where are everyone's flowers?! Amazingly, everyone got their flowers quickly after that.

6. As everyone was walking down the path at the start of the wedding, my favorite wedding song, the song I always wanted at my wedding started playing, Canon in D. I love that song. I was standing to where no one could see me and it was just my dad and the photographer and I started to cry and I said "I always wanted this song to be played at my wedding." And my dad, really not wanting me to be crying at that moment says, "You know, this is YOUR wedding." Like maybe I had forgotten, and not to be sad, because the song actually was playing at my wedding. It made me buck up.

7. I didn't see this, and I'm still thankful I didn't, but apparently all of the guests were mooned and flashed by some idiots in a speed boat on the lake. I still don't find it that amusing, but my uncle will tell the story for the rest of his life and laugh his head off. Each time he tells the story, the flasher's butt will get bigger and she'll get uglier and uglier. That's fine with me, as long as the guests can look back and laugh, so can I. I didn't have to see it.

8. Our first dance we can look back and laugh because that was Matt's point of nervousness throughout the entire thing. We didn't pick a song you could just sway to, we picked "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, which has a little beat to it. So, while I was enjoying my husband, he was counting his steps. The real fun was the practice in our living room.

9. My aunt accosting me right before we were about to make our exit, with two rolled up pieces of tissue. She proceeded to tell me about a girl who was just like me, and was about to head off to Mexico for her honeymoon, and at her wedding they threw bird seed at her. What she didn't do was protect her ears and a little piece of birdseed was lodged inside her ear and her honeymoon was RUINED because she wad deathly ill and no one could find out what was wrong with her. I ended up putting the tissue in my ear because, well, God love my aunt, it didn't seem like the story had an end. She was happy when I did that and even happier when I forced the tissue into Matt's ear.

10. Matt's grandma getting quite riled up when she learned there would be no dollar dances. She got the look she gets when she's haggling the sellers down in Mexico. Her eyebrows got all arched and she pursed her lips and she marched up to Matt and demanded a dance. So, she got her dollar dance with Matt but no one else did.

11. Mama J's face when I walked up to her and said that something must be done about the restaurant's band because it was going to ruin the DJ's sound. I think she knew it was a losing battle, but in the end there was some sort of agreement that the band would keep their volume down. Looking back, it seems I was easily placated as a bride. That's a good thing.

12. Dancing the boot scoot boogey with my friends and cousins and not knowing what the heck I was doing. The whole time I had two thoughts: Where did people learn to do this and where was I? and Why is the boot scoot boogey being played at my wedding? It was definitely NOT on the playlist. There were some good pics from it though.

Those were some funny moments from the wedding. If you're reading and are married, tell me a funny moment from your wedding. It's always fun to reminisce.

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meganmarielingo said...

I did not think the cat thing was funny at the moment. I can see the humor now but back then I wanted to die. My only job was to get you there and in one piece but the cat had another idea.
Thank God nothing happened. I think I was more scared than the cat.