Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Letter to my Little Hitchhiker

Dear Little Hitchhiker,

People ask me if I'm going to find out what you are.  People ask me if I prefer a certain gender over the other.  People ask me what I want this time.

These are all normal questions, little one.  I answer them as such:

Yes, I will find out what you are the day you are born.

No, I do not prefer a certain gender over the other.

The third question is tricky though; the asker is generally soliciting the answer of "boy" or "girl."  For an answer such as that one they can refer to the second question.

But I do know what I want this time, little hitchhiker.  I know because I'm already a mommy to your older brother and I think he is amazing.  When I was pregnant with him I thought the answer was cut and dry:  boy or girl.  Now that I've had him for four years I know the answer is not so cut and dry.

I want you to be healthy.  I want you to love God.  I want you to be kind.  I want you to be funny.  I want you to be smart.  I want for you to live a long life with very little suffering. I want you to be active.  I want you to be compassionate and giving.

I want all these things baby.  That said, when people ask me what I want, I don't think it terms of boy or girl, pink or blue.  I think about the person I am growing and the responsibility I have for you.  I think about how much I already love you, and how much you are already loved by your family.  Your brother pats you every day and asks how you are.  We are excited to have you.  You will complete our family.

So you just grow, grow, grow.  Be what you were meant to be.  We will be waiting for you.  See you in January, little hitchhiker.

I love you

We all think you are going to be a boy.  But if you're a girl, we won't be disappointed.


Mama Up! said...

Hey, long time no blog! Congrats are in order!

Amber said...

I've missed your blog!! Congrats on the new baby. :) We are having baby #2 in September. I hope to see more posts from you soon! <3 Amber

Ashley said...

Can't wait to meet this new addition to our family! You are such a fantastic mom...I hope to be as solid and loving to my future children one day.

Boy or girl, this little baby has love coming towards it from all of us! :)