Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Celebrity Dad

What celebrity Dad would you have picked for yourself as a child?

When Mama Kat tasked us with picking our very own celebrity dad, I had to think.  It needed to be someone who has endeared themselves to me through their cinematic portrayals, someone who I have a deep affection for but someone who I do not find physically attractive.

Upon brief reflection, the answer came to me.

Tom Hanks.

Here are seven reasons why Tom Hanks would have been a great father for me.


1.  He would have told me to use my head, that "lump three feet above my ass."  Trust me, I was the kind of child who needed that kind of tough love, especially as a teenager.

2.  He would have taught me that "stupid is as stupid does," and that "life is like a box of chocolates." Plus, he would have encouraged me to go on really long runs, just because we felt like running.

3.  He would've encouraged me to dance, even if everyone was watching.

4.  I could've done something really stupid, like fly from Seattle to New York all by myself as a small child with no consequences.

5.  He would've let me have a really big, slobbery dog.

6.  He would've understood the importance of panty hose, support bras and chunky necklaces.

7.  He would've taught me that World War II was the most absolute worst war and there was no way I'd ever want to be on that boat going to the beaches of Normandy.  He would've told that 14 years after watching that particular movie I still wouldn't be able to get it out of my head.

And, it's not completely outrageous that I picked Tom.  We kind of look like:

Hanks image source

(Disclaimer: I am in no way saying my own real life dad did not teach me these things.  He did not let us have  a big, slobbery dog though.  I guess ol' Tommy one-upped him there.)

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Sarah Smith-Frigerio said...

You know, when I was thinking about this prompt (I needed up not choosing it) I was also thinking about Tom Hanks-- especially from A League of Their Own!
Great post.

Dominique Goh said...

Tom Hank is really one cool guy. He is certainly on my list if I were to choose a celebrity dad.

Anna @mommy_padawan said...

I absolutely LOVE Tom Hanks, what an awesome pick for famous, pretend dad! I really enjoyed reading this one, I like how you picked great qualities from each of his movies or tv roles. I'm a fan of his son now as well but Tom Hanks is the best. Great post!

Leah Cooper-Prockno said...

Great choice, Tom Hanks does seem very Dad like. If Tom was your Dad, I kinda wanna be your sister.

Angie said...

You forgot the most important lesson, "there's no crying in BASEBALL!" :) Great post!