Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 Things I am Rubbish At

This is my first evah Listicles post! My interest in Stasha's Listicles link up has been piqued and I am so excited to share with you ten things I am not good at. And please, if you haven't visited her blog, please do so. I am a total fan of hers.

1. Filming with my phone.

2. Pretending to not be scared of ducks as I film my child feeding them.

3. Cooking bacon. It always turns out too crispy.

4.  Volleyball.  Never got the hang of that sport.  I'm the girl that ran into the net and busted my face open.

5.  Reading "I'll Love You Forever." I never make it through that book without crying.

6. Turning the lights off. Our house is a shining beacon when I am home.

7. Hanging my towels up. I'm like Joey Tribbiani like that.

8. Keeping lip gloss freshly applied. Once it comes off after the first application, it's gone for the day.

9.  Painting the toenails on my right foot.  My right leg always gets in the way.

10. Saying no to chocolate.  What? You have chocolate?  Yes, I'll have some.  And when I say some, I mean all of it.

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chicktuition said...

I'm surprised that two people have volleyball on their lists. I don't think I'm very good at that either...but I never really think about it. Also, I want some chocolate too!

Ado @ The Momalog said...

HAHAHA! Soooo glad you linked up! This is my favorite list of the week, especially about you being afraid of ducks biting your child's hand but "hiding" it. (-:

Stasha said...

You were born to Listicle :)
My bacon is always a bit too crisp to. Luckily I like it that way and my kid kid doesn't know any better...
I decided to have chocolate and bacon for breakfast. Also you getextrapoints for applying lipgloss in the first place. So posh!

christina said...

wait, what? how can bacon be too crispy?!??? :)

Robbie K said...

Much to Big Yankee's horror I microwave my bacon b/c that is the only way I can get it good and crispy!

Paul Craig said...

why would you ever want to say no to chocolate. that's just wrong.

Sweaty said...

Hee hee we're actually similar in a lot of ways, Gin! I could totally relate to #1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10!

I used to run away from, instead of hitting the ball, upon the sight of a volleyball coming towards me. While this could be considered a survival skill to some, lets just say my PE teachers weren't too amused.

And the lip gloss thingy? Oh gosh, I'm exactly like you! I always wonder how some people could apply them every five seconds (there's always THAT girl in high school who did that ;).

AudreyN said...

Welcome! And saying no to chocolate is a crime, and you wouldn't want to commit a crime would you?