Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012: The Year in Which Everything Broke

So, I've got this cold I'm trying to fight.  Lately the weather has been up and down and although I've been pumping the vitamin C and taking my multi-vitamin faithfully, the cold caught up with me.

Mornings are the worst, and so when I stumble downstairs feeling like death warmed over, all I want is some super hot coffee to soothe my throat and jump-start my soul.

However, this morning when I woke up, wouldn't you know that my coffee (that I pre-made the night before) was not ready?  Nope.  The lights were on, but no coffee had come out, nor was there any heat radiating from it.

The coffee pot broke, y'all.  Let's add it to our long list of things that have broken this year (all 21 days of it).

First off, we have our fence.  Our termite infested backyard fence blew to the ground.  Matt is currently in the process of rebuilding it but it's taking some time. And money, but Lowe's doesn't seem to mind that.

Next, our dishwasher went kaput.  Luckily, it's covered under our home warranty but the first available time for a repairman is the 30th.  Until then, we scrub our own dishes and let me be the first to share that it's overrated.

Then, our glass door that  serves as a screen door for our front door shut, and has chosen not to reopen.  It's stuck and Matt has taken the lock off but that baby will not budge.  Therefore, we no longer use the front door, just the back.  The front door is merely a decoration as it truly leads nowhere.

After that, our dryer went out.  Yep, another major appliance except this time, it's not covered under our warranty because it wasn't in the house when we moved in.  I know nothing about dryers and neither does hubs.  And, we have yet to find a solution for it because it's not covered and we REALLY don't want to spend a load of money to repair a dryer that is four years old (seriously four years old). We just know that our dryer no longer dries our clothes and we have clothing strewn across every railing we own in an attempt to let it air dry.  Have you ever air dried a kitchen towel?  Those things are like cardboard.

Insert today's incident with the coffee pot and you'll understand why I had to resort to my blog.  Luckily, I've been wanting to take a trip to Target and this gives me the perfect opportunity to go and buy something that we actually need.  Who knows? Maybe it's time for a Keurig??? (Probably not, as my frugal self will come out the moment I put the thing in the cart.)

Here's the deal.  These broken things are just that:  things.  We'll fix them or buy new and move on.  My mom once told me that issues like this are like ducks nipping at your heels.  Annoying, to be sure, but nothing to lose sleep over.  A minor inconvenience that really just needs to be laughed at.  While the things in our home might be breaking, the real glue that holds it all together is stronger than ever...and that glue is us, the three of us, scrubbing our own dishes, only using the back door and hanging our clothes to dry.

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