Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm at Sharde's Today

So, I might not have time to play on my blog, but I did have time to stop by the wonderful Sharde's blog for a guest post!

If you're here from The Style Projects, welcome! I know today's guest post was about fashion faux pas, but I also blog my outfits from time to time. Once, I even documented my own fashion faux pas.  And once, I dressed up like a cute lumberjack.

For those of you that document you outfits, what are some tips/tricks you can give me for remembering to take pictures?  I wake up way before hubs and by the time he gets home, I can't stand to be in my binding work clothes a moment longer. 

 How do you take your outfit photos?

I leave you with an completely unrelated but oh-so-adorable picture of my son's feet at a splash park in Iowa.  Still mourning the end of our summer but am so thankful for it.

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Anonymous said...

sweet gin...it's been too long since i ventured your way. then i realized that i'm caught up on your posts...you've just been enjoying your time. good for you.
so i take pics of my outfits almost everyday and i basically have a love/hate relationship with my self timer. i take pics either at work (in my office where no one can see me cause it's kinda embarrassing) or i will stop in a deserted parking lot on my way to work before 7am and use my self timer on my hood. im weird maybe? but hey...if you look cute...show the blog world!!!
hope you're doing well!