Friday, July 8, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Our Alma Mater (Go Buffs!)

Matt and I both graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder. I am convinced that we attended one of the most beautiful schools in the United States, and I'm not trying to be biased here. I mean, look at the view we had


I graduated in 2006 and hubs followed suit in December of 2007.  We traded this place in for Texas (the views are not the same, both literally and figuratively) and while we love our life where we are, coming back to this place pulls on our heartstrings.  We wanted nothing more to tour the campus and see the changes, and dream of the day when our little boy might possibly be a Buff.

We saw new buildings, not there during our day:

I claim this building as ours though because a tuition hike in my last year promised the construction of new buildings such as this.

We saw renovations:
This is the UMC where students can congregate and eat.  In my day this part was walled off.

We took pictures of our college uniform: a school hoodie with jeans and tennies (I was not one to dress up for class and the campus is so huge you want to be comfortable.)

We forced CU paraphernalia on our son:

We ran around the lovely soft grass:

We posed with buffalo:

We visited the languages building, where I spent a lot of time with professors and advisors. (I double majored in Latin American affairs and Spanish, Language and Literature.)

Hubs majored in astronomy and I am really sad we didn't get to see the telescopes with Toph.

We played in fountains.

We went to the library to see my favorite quote.

"Who knows only his own generation remains always a child."

We reminisced, schemed and dreamed of a day that Toph could walk these grounds, backpack slung over his shoulders, eager to study, learn and socialize.  Now, Toph already has a hefty college fund that keeps growing and we will send him wherever he wants to go, but he will get to tour our beloved CU every time we visit Colorado.  We'll be planting the seed early.

I think of college and I smile.  I stressed over exams, I worked hard and I dated an awesome guy through it all. (We're now married.)  I look back and know that college was the life.  I learned about the world, I learned how to formulate educated opinions, I learned about myself and other people.  It was one of the most formative times of my life and I will be forever thankful for it.

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Sara said...

Super personal invasive comment ... you said Toph already has a large college account? How? (Assuming it was family/inheritance) but if not ... how can I set my future kids up as well!!

Cap World said...
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Eve said...

How fun! I remember walking the campus at the University of Houston, it too is beautiful. I loved sitting by this huge fountain and chatting for hours with hubby when he came to visit.

...I'm with Sara on the invasive comment. I'm a slacker mama, who hasn't yet started a college fund for Handsome. {Bad, bad mama}

Anonymous said...

Um...excuse me? You were here and you did not try to see me??

I was going to write you today because the funniest thing happened to me. I'm dating a guy who lives in Boulder and was about to meet his roommate yesterday. I saw her sitting on his counter through the window before I went in and I was like, "Wait...I KNOW her!" And it took me a minute but I placed her as being in the CLP group!

It was so funny because she remembered way more than I did about everything CLP related. But it made me think of you a lot, and then I saw this post! Creepy coincidence!

NinaLaZina said...

Glad to have found you. From Relax and surf.