Friday, July 29, 2011

Shabby Chic Kitchen Decor

I originally posted this for My World Made by Hand and since I haven't had a decent chance to craft in awhile, I thought I would post this for you guys, in case you missed it.

Here is what I made:

This whole project was inspired from this, which I found on Pinterest.  {Who else thinks the inventor of Pinterest is a genius?}

Here's how you do it:

  • I stripped the ribbon and buttons from a ribbon organizer I already had. 
  • I measured my fabric to be an inch longer than each side of the organizer and I pulled tight to staple it.
  • I pulled my ribbon very tightly and stapled in the middle to separate each section.  This was a two man job because I was using the staple gun and I don't particularly trust myself using that on my own.  My husband was only happy to oblige because he prefers me to be able to see with both eyes.

Instead of covering the staples with buttons, I made felt flowers.  I found the tutorial for them here.
I love tutorials.

Then, I got to work on my cutlery frames. First, I gathered my materials.
Here you've got your fabric, cutlery, hot glue gun, picture frames, batting, red spray paint.  I didn't photograph the stapler but I used it liberally (sorry, stapler!).

First, spray paint your frames. 

Then, cover the cardboard insert in the frame with two layers of batting.  You want the batting to make the cutlery stick out a little.  I stapled unabashedly during this step because I knew the fabric was going to cover them up.

Then, cut four pieces of fabric measuring about a half an inch longer on all sides of the frame. 

Pull the fabric as tight as you can and hot glue it down.  It needs to be tight, but the frame will be going over this and will also make it tight.  Just no sagging! (That's what she said.)

Then, place the frame over your batting and fabric covered cardboard piece.  It should feel like a cutlery pillow at this point.

Now, spray paint your cutlery.  I got super lazy at this point and only sprayed one coat and one side of the cutlery.  It worked out though.

After your cutlery is dry, hot glue it onto their cutlery pillow.  I I laid my pieces at 2, 4 and 6 inches.

In the end, I hung my sweet red, white and blues on a forgotten patch of wall on the far side of my kitchen.  It's in kind of a narrow doorway which is why it's hard to get a good angle for a picture.
That's it! Don't you love this fabric?  I could eat it with a spoon.

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Wow! That's great!
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Lauren said...

Totally adorbs!

Lindsay said...

So cute. I am addicted to Pinterst...I've found a lot of beautiful home decor ideas on there. LOVE IT.

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Sharde said...

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Beautiful. And yes the maker of pinterest is a genius! Following your boards now.

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Would love one for my classroom! ha ha!!! Good job Ginny!

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